The dependence of the Czech economy on cars is growing significantly

The prosperity of Czech households has long depended on how foreign customers and carmakers buy cars and car parts in the Czech Republic. The risk of future eyes from the decline in production, which is now more developed by countries such as the United States and Belgium, is also growing.

In 1998, sales of the automotive industry accounted for about nine percent of the total performance of the Czech economy (gross domestic product). Last year, this case was doubled.

The steering wheel, wheel, wheel, mirror and cover for car seats are always made with five Czech crowns, resulting from public data. Cars employ about one hundred and twenty thousand people and boards a thousand more indirectly.

“The dependence is quite striking, but not critical,” said Sdruen President of the automotive industry Martin Jahn, the two-led Auto Codes, now VW in Russia. “It’s not even bad at the time, it’s just like that,” said economist David Marek from Patria Finance, depending on one field.

The production of cars has significantly helped the Czech Republic to grow, but Marek also warns that we should prepare for the possibility that carmakers will start moving to the entrance for cheaper work. This could be prevented from a mere assembly plant to a research center and the development of new models. This is what all European countries stand for, where large European carmakers have their main shares.

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In the last fifteen years, the Czech Republic has become a real car power – we are now the largest car manufacturer in Europe and we are fast approaching Italy. This year, the Czech Republic is absolutely sure of the limit of one million cars produced, and the insight into the years to come indicates a steep growth.

Theoretically, 1.5 million new passenger cars could come off the assembly lines in the country. And the Hyundai plant in New York, which will produce three hundred thousand cars, will produce the most cars per person in Europe. In addition, the introduction of the Auto code in Vrchlab could be significantly expanded.

In the meantime, more cars will still be produced in Slovakia, and this year or at the latest five years our neighbor will lose this triumph. In the European flour, Belgium has long been a leader in this indicator, but it has met with almost a ten percent reduction in production.

Going steeply behind American Detroit, which in the nineties of the last century caused the whole world American cars, while today the carmakers close one assembly plant after another. The representatives of the car manufacturers and their supplier did not make any laughs during the presentation of the goods for the last year.

They had a reason to go last year, predicting that production had reached its peak. “The top jet opt ​​has receded,” said Sdruen Automotive Director Antonn Pek.

Last year, car sales rose by a thirty percent to 641 billion, and car production is the most important branch in the total industrial production, which directly employs over 121 thousand people.

It is only a slaughter of the automotive industry, in which not all companies in the field are involved. Especially those who are engaged in other production are missing. If these companies were also taken into account, it would be estimated that the production of the car would take care of roughly one-third of the total industrial production.

Even this year’s results of cars show a positive strength: the code Auto has been growing in double digits, the number is also fulfilled by the TPCA, which has practically reached its maximum capacity. Behind the current rush is the position of the country, the tradition of production and still cheap labor.

“In the event of a global recession, so many people in the automotive industry can be a problem. On the other hand, Czech will benefit from the fact that the workforce here is cheaper than Zpad, ”says Czech Savings Bank analyst David Navrtil.

Codec prices are going down

It may be a major threat to the Czech oil crisis and possibly to reduce the purchase of cars abroad due to expensive fuels. ”The oil crisis has taken place and sales have always affected it. But we get it, ”mn pek.

According to the company, the car lobby has a stronger voice. Even in this, they used the cars presented by the result of the result to criticize the government and push it to some steps. “The appeal is clear, we need to adopt the euro as soon as possible, the exchange rate of the koruna has a very negative impact on us,” Jahn added.

After a long time, the strong koruna fell on cheaper, for example, the Auto code: last week, it wrote price tags downwards for some of its models at a rate of thousands of crowns.

As MF DNES pointed out, codecs were often cheaper to import, and the competition was increased by competing imported brands. Automobile companies have criticized the proposal to limit the driving of the truck and often change the law, such as sickness.

“The speed of legislative changes in the Czech Republic is unparalleled,” said the vice-president of the Cologne car manufacturer TPCA Ji ern.

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