The hit is investin insurance

Insurance companies do not only have one type of life insurance. Offer so many that the client-layman may have a problem with product orientation.

Life insurance is one of the most important. Many clients are therefore unexplored, be satisfied with the statement: Mm insurance, so I can be at ease. A basic overview of the offer will pay off whoever has it, they will definitely not buy the insurance that is available to him, you just have to pay for it. Or don’t rely on a product that is almost unmistakable in an emergency.

WITH you can choose

You will find several basic types of insurance on the market:

risks (pay only for the cover of the risk, do not sweat, and even then you will not get anything when canceling the insurance)
chapter law (The insurance covers the risk of death and at the same time the bottom is that when you reach the end of the insurance, you will receive at least that insurance premium paid, it is guaranteed by the contract)
pensions (similar to the capital of the insurance, when the pension is not paid in kind, but in the form of an annuity. It is another product than a pension supplement)
investin (pay for risk coverage, other pensions that you pay insurance, for the state invests according to your money, the amount that you receive at the end of insurance, is not guaranteed in advance)

Various combinations are also available. According to Miriam Hankov, an analyst of financial products from Benefita, two types of risk and investment insurance make sense. The others are not suitable for clients due to fees. You can really cast a spell with the investment insurance, so that the analyst who really needs to insure can have the contract set up so that practically the entire insurance goes to the risk of death. Finann is the same even more suitable than certain insurance risks. Mainly because if the final conditions for investment insurance are met, you can charge income tax, which is not possible with risks.

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