The job market is changing. Where to look for work with good pensions

The economy is in shape. In January, there were 289,000 people without work, who are me, not the inhabitants of Ostrava. There is enough work to create new cities and the people to look for new things. But I don’t want to hear that the phone rings with an offer of an interesting and time-paid city. So where to spend your dream job?

As well as the labor market, the labor supply market also changes. In addition to huge job portals such as, or the pages of the R job series, which ran out hundreds of job advertisements every day, there are many smaller, but industry-specific advertisers who are looking for specific job positions. And owed that many of them don’t even get into those big job portals.

Do you want to work with invites? Browse the websites of zoos or vets. Don’t you want to go to work? Save on the job market on the city website. Thousands of interesting pleasures can be found on the websites of institutions, professional organizations and associations.

Promejdte (K) of the chamber

A number of small job portals work for professional organizations. Do not offer vacancies there at a great pace, but you can be sure that if you are looking for a city in the field in any position, then discover it two or later.

For example, the website of the Chamber of Veterinary Medicine R offers, in addition to medical cities, the position of technicians and veterinary nurses in Psk, Jesenice, Prague 3, Uherské Hradiště and other cities in the country. For those who are just looking at the vet, there is a large number of brigades and employment contracts for city assistants and receptionists.

The clinic you are looking for a worker is too much, and unfortunately the supply of labor is meeting the demand. Nothing more effective, not to search on the industry website, but especially not to the Kladin veterinarian Jan uka, who would like to seek reinforcements in the human darkness.

Syndikt noviny, the Czech Association of Nurses or the Czech Association of Streetwork, which deals with low-threshold social services, also regularly publishes job advertisements on its website. Our work is specific in that it requires not only a hunter with a long distance, but also a mature personality, to the director of the association Martina Zikmundov.

The stock exchange is also run by the Czech Chamber of Architects or Lesy esk republiky, where they advertise cities from a tractor driver through an adjunct and through a forest in Konopiti. In most cases, our employees found work on our website. They either discovered the city in the advertisement themselves, or they received a tip from someone that they had a vacancy on our forks. Students also follow it for a long time, it is basically the only professional website for them, to Eva Jouklov from Les esk republiky.

If you are looking for a city in an institution, it pays to follow their websites. Job offers are developed by bicycles, libraries, museums, hospitals, banks and courts.

I’m looking for a job. Zn. Pijdu pky

Not for every employee is the main benefit in salary. Many hide how much time they spend on the road for work and how much to spend on transport. I have a family, two children and a farm. My main criterion was work in half a bundle and a maximum of an hour’s journey to work. For a long journey nemm as, to Radka from Beclavsko.

Eventually, she found an advertisement on the general pages from a nearby village, where they were looking for a job in the administration of a small family business. Radka will take only two stops by bus and the journey to work in the competition takes twenty minutes. First of all, the name of the municipality and the local company is trying to get the employees advertisements on the general web pages. Rely on the fact that it attracts not only the city, but you people from the neighborhood, for whom the journey to work in this city is long.

So you can look at the Mohyla Memorial on the pages of the village of Brigdnka in the cafe, as well as the company from Sokolnice will ask an administrative worker or an employer from a drive near Brno to CNC plastic. We develop advertisements for the employer. If you want to announce it on the radio, it’s for a fee, on the web for free, to the Mayor of Labor Jan Vovesn.

If you grind for a career in the city center, browse the sites of the city center or the city hall. First of all, find out about the advertised vacancies or vacancies in individual departments.

Food, drink, etc.

In sectors where the supply of jobs lagged, private individuals took the initiative. A year and a half ago, for example, the website was created, where you advertise exclusively winegrowers and companies around wine and viticulture.

Describe here, for example, a worker in the vineyards in Kobyl and Popice, an oenologist in Mlnko or a cellar master in Strachotno. But that’s how idiots, warehouse workers and sales representatives. I myself was surprised at how quickly the vinai got used to it. It creaked among the people and I came here to work. Help us in this a lot of social work, to the founder of the website Petra Tomalov.

According to many, there is a job portal on the market, which offers cities in gastronomy, hospitality and tourism on a daily basis. We have ten and fifteen answers for each advertisement. The employer is interested in making good and good people and let them advise you on how the web operator Roman Rohrwasser comments on the current situation.

Work in Berlin or Vienna?

For example, brigdnci also have websites for themselves. On the or portal, you will find cities where you do not have to sign up for a long-term employment relationship. The latest offer includes a portrait of a hotel in the center of Prague, a 5D cinema operator in Pilsen, an English teacher in Ostrava, a student magazine manager in Pardubice or a pack of cosmetics in Brno.

It is advisable to turn to specialized websites in case you are interested in working abroad. In addition to work offers, there are usually some tips for looking for a work permit, insurance and the like.

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