The koruna again set a record for both the euro and the dollar

The crown does not lose its taste and strengthens according to. It strengthened against the European currency in the afternoon to 23.77 K / EUR, and moved the dollar to a maximum of 15.05 K / USD. Behind the gym is the development of world markets.

The Czech currency thus follows Monday’s growth, when the euro rose to a record 23.84 K / EUR, and the dollar to 15.10 K / USD.

According to Patria Finance analyst Tom Vlk, one of the possible reasons could be the situation on the oil market, possibly related to the decline in European stocks.

The main factor in trading with me, however, remains the development of the world market.

For a long time, domestic exports have been used to strengthen the koruna. According to the proposals of the Association, exports drew 70 and 80 billion crowns irreparably due to the fixed currency. According to the chairman of the Jiho Grund association, the strengthening of the koruna does not correspond to the actual performance of the Czech economy and is caused by speculative purchases on foreign exchange exchanges in the world, due to TK.

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