The koruna broke a record against both the dollar and the euro on Monday, and weakened at the turn of the day

The crown of the first holiday week is for everyone to go on holiday. In the morning, it set a new record for the dollar and the euro. The US strengthened me by twelve halls, to 15.10 crowns per dollar. It was traded against the euro for 23.84 crowns per euro. The Patria Online server informed about it.

At the turn of the day, however, the koruna weakened to both mnm. The euro fluctuated at the level of five points per quarter, to 23.91 K / EUR, and the dollar traded at 15.15 K / USD.

“So early in the morning, the Czech business is just getting started. It is a continuation of the fifth development, a strong impulse that would push the crown to such a strong level, we do not see, ”commented Patria analyst Tom Vlk in the morning.

According to Vlk, the Czech currency is favored mainly by the weakening dollar and the rest of the world does not trust American assets, which motivates investors to place pensions elsewhere.

“The koruna’s record in the dollar is influenced by the dollar-euro exchange rate, when the dollar recorded losses,” Vlk added. According to him, the expected development of the one-year difference to the euro area and thus the declining stock market, which is being hit by problems in the financial sector, speaks against the American currency.

The koruna is cutting exportrm profits

Due to the strong crowns, the representatives of the Czech National Bank and the Association of Exports met on Friday, with the Czech singer reducing its profits. They agreed that the rate of strengthening of the koruna’s exchange rate, which rose by 17 percent against the euro, did not correspond to the increase in labor productivity and its current non-response to the state of the economy.

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