The koruna broke the limit of 24 crowns per euro

The koruna broke the record, when it strengthened to 23.94 crowns per euro. At the turn of the day, she closed 24 korunch. Analysts claim that they have caused speculation, which is trying to push the koruna’s exchange rate down. While consumers have a strong koruna, esk exports are warming. For example, a week ago, he led two outposts of OP Prostjov.

The crown strengthens at several msc. The limit of 25 crowns per euro was exceeded just a quarter of a year ago. In April, the exchange rate broke the limit of 23 crowns, but it was only a few hours “Asian flight”.

The strong crown is a threat to esk exports. In addition to OP Prostjov, they also have problems and leaders. One example is the Petrof plant in Hradec Králové, which is losing profits.

According to Patria analyst David Marek, the crown is a speculator in the middle. This is helped by the good economic situation. “During the morning, the crown watched the region, which helped it to get closer to this psychological level. The subsequent shift in the course, in particular, again speculates on the goal of the goal and launch another gym, ”says Patrie on its website.

Marek estimates the average price at 25 -25.50 K per euro. Although the koruna is relatively far from this, it cannot be expected that the central bank would intervene in my name.

“There is not much opportunity to take action, and the official position of the Czech National Bank is to enter the market only in extraordinary situations, which, in my opinion, is not the case,” Marek added.

According to analysts, a strong koruna increases the risks for the Czech economy, especially in the area of ​​foreign trade. It is thus a key argument against the rise in years of rates, the latest development only increases its importance.

Thanks to the movement in euros, the Czech Republic also stuck against the dollar, where it strengthened to 15.46 crowns per dollar. The Eurodollar remained relatively calm during the day due to the fact that the day did not materialize at first.
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