The koruna improved the record, strengthening to 24.53 crowns per euro

Today, the koruna equalized its all-time high to the euro. It traded at 24.53 crowns per euro, even though public data on GDP, which rose by 5.2 percent in the first quarter, did not correspond to two favorable estimates.

“During the next day we will see that the koruna could improve its record against the euro by a few halls, without any impulse, it is due to the positive sentiment of the speculator,” said the Patria server.

The koruna hit the bottom record for only a while. For one hour it traded at 24.58 crowns per euro.

According to analysts, the level of 24.50 crowns per euro as a technical barrier to further growth. In the coming days and weeks, a negative correction is likely.

The koruna was strongest in mid-April, when it strengthened to a record 23 crowns per euro last night. “Leaving aside this Asian flight, the koruna has now reached its strongest value,” said Tom Vlk, an analyst at Patria. – Tte vce o rekordu 23 korun za euro

Strengthening the crown can contribute to a discounted holiday or a suitable purchase abroad, but the joy of exports does not last. The losses of the exporter go to the billion billion crowns. Their goods are breaking through borders and their competitiveness is weakening.

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