The koruna set a record at 24 K per euro

esk mna mon u soon break the limit of 24 crowns per euro. Right at the start of the day, it set a record for the common European currency, when it strengthened by more than ten halls to 24.13 K / EUR. The Patria Online server informed about it.

“Currently, the koruna narrowed slightly to 24.18 CZK / EUR, but it was impossible to rule out 24 koruna during the day,” said Patria analyst Tom Vlk.

esk strengthened me throughout the public day. It first broke the limit of 24.30 crowns per euro and moved its maximum against the euro to 24.24. According to analysts, the exchange rate is taen by investor speculation. The crown is among the fastest strengthening of the world.

Today, the koruna was helped by current macroeconomic data. “Especially the producer price index, which rose well above the equities, could increase the growth of years of NB rates,” added Vlk.

While people may find that, thanks to strong crowns, they spend cheaper holidays abroad, some of them persistently strengthening my neck. Fuck you for profit.

This is the case of the company OP Prostjov, which due to the strong end of production in Uherský Hraditi and Olomouc. Vyrbt will be only in Prostjov. – tte Strong crown introduced the sediments of OP Prostjov

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