The most suitable meal voucher is worth 118 crowns. Who is behind her?

As the value of meals on business trips has increased since January, so has the price of the most suitable meal voucher, which is deducted from it. M price 118 crowns. Reln has approached the price of obd, which you do not sell in large cities under a hundred. How many people with such a meal voucher can I boast about?

Meal vouchers are the most obvious employee benefit in our country. Paper vouchers or digital cards with a meal allowance of approximately 1.3 million employees.

The use of meal vouchers is due to the end of work and the end of income tax. For employers, tax is a deductible expense. It is calculated as follows:

  • 70 percent of the value of food on business trips. It has risen to 93 crowns since January, so 70% is 65 crowns.
  • The income tax bill allows employers to pay a maximum of 55% of the price of a meal voucher, which in the ordinary case is the first 65 crowns.
  • The remaining 45% of the value of the meal voucher is supplemented by the employee or is a tax expense for the employer.

In 2018, the employer will pay the most income tax if the employees receive 118 crowns under meal vouchers. Compared to 2017, the value of the most suitable meal voucher increased by 9 crowns. Only how many employees have the most suitable meal voucher?

The average price of a meal voucher is currently only 80 crowns. Only about a quarter of companies have two of their people’s valuables worth more than 100 crowns.

Obd under a hundred at almost no time

Therefore, companies should consider the price of a meal voucher. And not only because of the tax response, but also in order to give their employees a minimal benefit at a time of minimal unemployment, which will cover the cost of rewards.

According to a survey conducted by the Eden Restaurant Card Index conducted by Edenred, lunch meals have risen by more than five crowns in the last year to an average of 112 crowns in December.

On the map of large Czech cities, there is not a single place where you can visit for less than a hundred crowns. According to less than a year in restaurants, we have been following a relatively sharp increase in payments for lunches. While the first jump from the turn of 2016 and 2017 was sudden and caused mainly by the impact of the introduction of EET, now its routes are growing gradually and have a new dynamic in recent months, to the manager of Ticket Restaurant Card at Edenred Ji Brych.

How are the main reasons for the growth of tracks for lunches? The restaurant went to the prices to wash out the costs. This is especially true of raw materials, which have become significantly more expensive in the last year. However, low unemployment and the associated increase in wages, which is not avoided even in the hospitality sector, has its impact.

This factor is the so-called willingness of people to spend time on food in restaurants, especially in the first period, to Ji Brych, according to him, the first in December, the growth of the tracks was the fastest. At the end of the year, people are more likely to go to lunch, treat themselves to food and often even dessert or kvu, they go to the track promt, add Brych.

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