The new largest bank will focus on wealthy clients

Only this week did the integration of HVB Bank and ivnostensk banka clear. quarter among banks in the Czech Republic and exchange for creditworthy clients, there are only some parameters of the new UniCredit Bank Czech Republic. She punched the bag with little change.

On Monday, we said goodbye to the trade bank, but not only to n. HVB Bank, the fourth largest bank in the Czech Republic, also disappeared. UniCredit Bank Czech Republic took their place. However, this does not mean that you will not find a branch marked as a business bank with us. In some, fixed cities, it will take place until November 19. Only then will it definitely disappear.

UniCredit Bank – a bank for the city’s creditworthy clients and had entrepreneurs

At us, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic will occupy 7% of the banking market and the balance sheet total of CZK 260 billion will be the fourth largest among banks in the Czech Republic. The client is currently served at 64 branches throughout the country. After the so-called optimization of the distribution (in March 2008), their number should be settled around the number 55. Ron could then, according to Jiho Kunert, the bank’s general manager, have ten new branches. Hundreds of branches cannot be expected to have a customs status.

Nov banka wants to focus on rich clients as well as clients from ad small businesses. Therefore, mortgages, investments, credit cards and small businesses will get the main say. The bank wants to monitor the satisfaction of both the client and the employee. There are a number of surveys and inquiries for clients, and employees can turn to the so-called mystery shoppers (trial purchase of services that monitor the quality of sales).

What about the clients of the connected bank jet ek?

At present, the services of both banks have been unified, so that in addition to the products on offer, new UniCredit Bank tariffs are also available to new clients. Existing clients (both former HVB Bank and trade union banks) will be left with the services they offer without change, as will the fees. This state will take a while to go, but it will certainly not be high.

At the moment, the internet and telephone banking of both original banks (HVB Bank and ivnobanka) also operate simultaneously. Over the course of this year, however, clients who are introducing “star” internet banking and telebanking will initially be contacted by ivnobanka with an offer to switch to the new UniCredit Bank products.

Even the portfolio of services and the UniCredit Bank jet product did not acquire its final form. For example, in the spring of this year, the “hacking” of passbooks for other deposit products is being considered.

Similarly, the salt was “overturned”. As of November 5, kd bank 0400 (ivnostensk banka) disappeared, replacing kd 2700 and the so-called SWIFT kd (referred to in foreign payments) BACX CZ PP. Going to April of this year, the bag will be able to send pensions with the original bank connection and without fear that the pension recipients will not arrive.

Today, a new bank is not going to prepare for new, but also for existing clients. You have been hiding for the first year, when you introduced a new marketing campaign to the public. So far, only the modified Mozaika account (similar to the Standard menu of the Standard Business Bank) has been offered in the products, where now the client can choose from the offer of nine preferred services in paul. Minor changes in fees have also changed personally – for example, withdrawals from ATMs of other banks in the Czech Republic will now cost 9 crowns compared to the original 30 crowns. On the contrary, the number of free items was limited.

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