The owner of the company with a turnover of billions distributed the first orders in a backpack

Martin Kasa started building one of our largest online stores at the age of nineteen. How to start your own business? What are you paying attention to? Take a look at them under the clicks of the online store.

How did you get started with online shopping in 1999?

We started studying. At that time, I programmed internet pages for clients, and my brother and I thought of starting our own website. We started with data media, with CDs. Then with mobile phones and gradually we expanded the store with digital photos and more. The online store was a bit of a by-product of the arrest, we mainly had an internet cafe.

What started the store that time? Mobile phones?

The cell phones were in a moment. We caught you spe and at the end of the wave. The biggest boom was digital photography and then the gradual digitization of most devices, television, DVD. Digital photography was the commodity we took the biggest step forward.

Was there an investment in the arrest?

We left full of him. In the pot, we had a drink from a parent who was in the tens of thousands. For everything we said, we had to dig in the process. We built the information system ourselves, because he was not here.

We prepared for the series a conversation with interesting personalities who started a non-traditional business and succeeded. In individual parts, well-known actors, singers and models, among others, shared their experience from the business world with you.

In previous works, you could, for example, have had enough of doing business in show business, trading in flowers and selling weapons.

When did you build an online store system, didn’t you try to sell it for long? Ever thought of that?

It occurred to us. We definitely had something ready. But the hunter would have to deal with it and develop a system under dl and dl according to the needs of companies. In the end, we didn’t want to go that route.

How did the logistics work in the arrest? Did you unload the tram or bicycles in your hand?

I remember that I used to have a big one that I rode for goods. When we started making phone calls and giving goods, distributors started ordering in regular cycles. We then sent the customers by sweat. If they were ever awkward, we didn’t give them a sweat pension, but we brought them goods ourselves. But that was the time when we had the number of orders in du units per day.

Assuming that you have achieved better purchase prices and with higher volumes?

It is true that in long turns, the conditions are more interesting. Although this is not entirely true in some industries. When we weren’t big, we made up for it by working with an absolutely minimal margin. It was such an endowment period.

So when a hunter wants to start a business, will he have to sell at a wholesale price, not to teach people to go to him?

So two or so years ago, there was a period when you paid a lot more, you cost a lot better. But today, distributors are so upset that they often give even a small customer a low price to pick it up. So it’s not just that we have such suitable purchases. Mme is similarly suited to new customers. It starts to be about other things, about working, about how to be more efficient and effective. I don’t think it’s possible to enter the internet market from it today.

What goods do you have in stock at the warehouse and what do you order and after you order goods?

Bad for the time period. We will leave the warehouse in 3 and 4 days. It seems that we have a lot of goods in stock, but he honors that about 50% of what is sold in goods comes directly from us from the warehouse. We buy many more commodities in many quantities, especially the best-selling. Even for us, it is much more efficient to look at the warehouse and send the goods to the customer, not to order the goods from the supplier before ordering the customer’s orders. We note that 80% will be sold directly from our warehouse.

Where to weave the goods if u vs in stock?

It never goes directly from the wholesaler to the customer. We always act as a medium and always go through our hands. Firstly, for the reason of control and secondly, to be able to increase some added value as an installment sale and the like

How to choose an assortment and set sales prices? Are you involved too?

J, I haven’t been involved in this for a long time. For each field, there are people in our country who are responsible for it in the given country. The business management decides only on pricing for the top products, which are preferred, which we stock and sell a lot. But the first assortment is a manaei and a commodity.

How do you monitor the competition, its bid and prices?

Every ten minutes, the internet is very sensitive. Of course, we mainly follow the biggest competitors. It is impossible to compare prices, how many km, with garmistry.

What did the people hear about right after the awards?

Of course for services, whether the goods are in stock and how and when the ordered goods arrive.

How do v vs work after the purchase of an internet complaint?

Work the same as in a stone shop. Customers will be delivered to the requested department, which is sent directly to the manufacturer or authorized service. I didn’t have a technician who would disassemble the television one day, a second time a cell phone and a tent set up a tent.

Another is with a refrigerator and a large TV, where the manufacturers have their entry techniques. Either we take the order directly to the service, or make an appointment at our call center, when the technician will come to repair the refrigerator.

How big a role do card payments play in purchases?

We do not accept card payments directly on the Internet. We accept cards at stone branches, where we can check for integrity. There is a relatively small number of Czech customers on the Internet due to the fear of abuse. And the fees are so high that we simply do not want to support it. Payment to card companies is around 2%. You also buy a laptop for 25 thousand and 500 K goes for a fee card company. In the end, it still pays for the customer and we don’t like that. I’ll change my mind, but don’t take extra care yet.

Is there a good thing lately that has turned around in turn?

LCD TVs and navigation recorded the highest sales this year. Mobile phones stagnate.

What did the customers hear the most? Spe on acn discounts or on free drek?

Let’s assume that customers are not stupid. Of course, we offer acne products, but moreover, when we buy something suitable in large quantities and we can sell it to the customer for a low price. We mainly dream if we offer the customer something to fulfill it.

How do u vs customer buy me internet on vr?

We drank with this principle as one of the first. The customer order that you fill in personal data on the Internet is redirected to the pages of the installments of the company with which we cooperate, and there they fill in data that we do not see at all. He prints the contract at home, signs it, adds a copy with a confirmed income (it is not even necessary until then) and fields the contract to us, possibly in installments of the company. The company confirms the payment and we will issue the goods.

How big is it according to customers who buy at vr?

It’s a lot like in brick-and-mortar stores, around ten percent.

Bl se Vnoce. How much did the turnover in December compare to the remaining months in the year? How are you preparing for this period?

The turnover in December was about three times the current. We spend the night with help, brigdnky and so we dream to optimize our own people. Of course we prescribe. It is easy for us to look in the warehouse, not just order by order. It’s half the work.

What if the customer does not remove the ordered goods? Get him sent to you and then just change your mind?

It happens because he returns to us, but it’s a long problem. Goods in stock and sold for a long time. He had no problem reselling. But you have a problem with the fridge for 100 thousand crowns, which will be sold in half a year. Let’s place orders, confirm the delivery address, delivery date and we will be in contact with the customer. m vt is the value of the goods, tm the contact is more intense. I must honor that it is a pleasure to cooperate with Czech customers.

Where is the best place to place an advertisement for an online store?

The biggest medium for us is the internet, possibly the dark media and radio. These are the media we can afford, the volume of finances is not so great. Television is a big deal for internet marketers. We need to advertise nationwide, so we can monitor people on our website for a very long time from the time they click on one page of the advertisement and after their order.

You trade in those countries (R, SR, Poland, Germany). Do you have a local supplier, or do you supply your stores centrally?

We decide to choose a local supplier, because each market has its own specifics. You German keyboard is different from Czech, not Polish and not Slovak. There are also other variations, all software things from fok through phones, computers, installed kits in printers, televisions have teletext. But some of the goods go. You don’t care if you sell in the country or abroad.

Who do you employ in foreign markets?

Of course, they are happy to get started. But let’s employ Slovaks in Slovakia, Germans in Germany and so on. It can’t be otherwise. If a customer called a call center in Prague and someone talked to them there with a broken Nmina, it would be cheaper, but it wouldn’t take time.

Was tk zat abroad?

It is usually not on the Czech market. The local environment is a great advantage. Years ago, something could have happened on the market that determined its appearance, and we do not know about it. It takes experience, this comes out of tables and market studies. Cannot make copy / paste. And when it worked in Slovakia, it will work in Poland as well. That’s not how it is.

How did you f?

Hodn. (smch)

How many employees do your company have? How did you choose people for yourself?

In the Czech Republic, the total number is edest. Human qualities are the most important. Then, of course, their abilities and the requirements of the given positions. I think we have quality people, at least equal to our competitors. Some choose sm. Some people choose a manager directly at the branches, but for the most part I am a sales director.

How long does it take to work? Zstv vm as na konky?

I’m not a workaholic. I have normal working hours of eight and nine hours a day. In the arrest it was, of course, mountains, but it works for you, even though I’m not there.

Martin Kasa on holiday in Kenya.

What could ruin your business? Are you worried about him?

I’m definitely not worried, but of course there are competitors in the market who can influence the situation. We work with a relatively low margin, also poor mainly for efficiency. Pi mal mari we can not afford to make extra mistakes.

How do you see the future? Will you work according to it, or is the company with a turnover of more than a billion crowns for sale?

Never fuck. We do not stop communication, but rather when it comes to investing in the company. If she drank an interesting offer, we wouldn’t arm her. And as for the work, I want to stay. Urit is expanding into dal markets, especially towards the entrance. I want to achieve a lot in this field and I want to be there.

Martin Kasa (27) is enat, m one dt. BUT study in the second year due to peruil business activities. In his free time he plays seductive volleyball. Drive the Toyota Avensis.

We prepared for the series a conversation with interesting personalities who started a non-traditional business and succeeded. In individual parts, well-known actors, singers and models, among others, shared their experience from the business world with you.

In previous works, you could, for example, have had enough of doing business in show business, trading in flowers and selling weapons.

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