The police go after Prochzka’s century after the accomplice of the thief

Before those months, the largest pension in the history of the Czech Republic lost 564 million crowns. The treasurer František Prochzka is suspected of the record krdee, but the police knew from the meeting that he could not be sm. She followed in the footsteps of his accomplice.

Thanks to this, according to the information of MF DNES, the investigator should solve the case.

Prochzka and his accomplice took billions from the G4S pension fund in Prague, where Prochzka worked. Since the arrest, it has been shown that the delivery that Prochzka provided with the company’s logo in order to confuse the drill must have been done by someone else.

Go where to go

“What is wrong with Prochzka, whether he is dead or iv, we don’t know. Pesto, we have made long progress, “the source told near-editorial staff. The crime was most likely to go to all people, it was not the solitude of the actions of Prochzka and his acquaintances.

Sttn council facts about vyetovn careful. “I can’t provide the bottom of the day,” repeated Zenklov, a spokeswoman for the Prague City Council.

“All the possibilities where to go, to go, are not exhausted,” said Lubomr Kotko from the police darkness deployed on Prochzek.

Po krdei poboku zaveli
Prochzka managed to cut out the required pension, where pensions for ATMs were distributed, even before its closure. G4S acquired it from its competitor to the joint venture. And the branch did not have to follow the safety standards usual at G4S at the time. It was considered before closing where it closed.

“We stuck in the street where the theft was stolen. One operation is in charge of the penn operation, which covered several branches, ”explains Radoslav Chmela, G4S’s spokesman. e Prochzka managed to baptize before that, according to him, it is an accident.

The security company has given billions to its clients, whose pensions were the first to drink and drink.
Half of them belonged to the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank.

“We have fulfilled our ties with our business partners,” said Radoslav Chmela, G4S. The company also set up a telephone line where people can call hurry tips. There were plates on them.

The police officers thus began to re-examine peeling 23 million crowns in a bill near the Old Town Square in Prague, which happened in 2004, when František Prochzka worked there.

He was not a suspect then. Then the company fired him and after a while he went to G4S. Plmillion’s crosses and crosses in the direction agreed that the perpetrator had to be someone outside the company.

“The police visited us in January and asked if I could remember anything new. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help them, “said Martin Hejtmnek, the company’s executive operating the company.

In the meantime, there was only one hunter who publicly saw Prochzek after a horse – Josef Muk, who was not looking for the Tchovice treasure. Pr saw him in the former military area Ralsko.

“He slept in ternnm aut. I’ve known him for a long time and I’m not surprised that he hid here first. he often played paintball here, “Muk added in the school day. Vera couldn’t catch him. The problem is that guaranteed at first from the outside treasure hunters have not yet come out.

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