The prices of the event fell, the funds lost

After a while, the rise in the price of the event stopped for a week and headed downwards. It pays for all world markets, but it was most pronounced on the Prague Stock Exchange, which was literally on Thursday. This unfavorable situation this week also affected the performance of the fund – especially equity.

American stocks didn’t start the day. On Monday, the investor, especially the industrial index Dow Jones, which bore down the pharmaceutical company Pfitzer, took a bad mood. The declining trend continued, this time the “initiative” was taken over by the technology Nasdaq, which was helped the most by companies from the semiconductor sector.

Selected profits slowed and in the second half of the week, when all indices began to settle and slowly picked up, even though the semi-core sector was still under pressure under snench pressure. On Wednesday and Thursday, the indexes held sessions in black hearing. On the other hand, stagnation and a slight decline occurred, although the price of oil also fell. All three major indices finally closed the week in a nutshell (DJIA -0,47 %, Nasdaq -1,0 %, S&P 500 -0,3 %).

The Prague Stock Exchange presented the week before these fluctuations, which recorded the biggest drop in the last six months during the week. On the first trading day, it was anticipated that banking titles would not be easy this week. The negative mood was reflected mainly in Komern banka and Erste bank. The market was driven by Zentiva and Philip Morris, which strengthened the most.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the calm mood on the market was disrupted by sales instructions at the Komern banka event. On Thursday, all titles in SPAD weakened. The biggest losses were recorded by EZ, and banking stocks, KB and Erste. The business was full, when most of the stock strengthened the title, or remained at least zero. The sharp week-on-week decline in both main indicators could not be avoided (PX-D -3,9 %, PX 50 -3,5 %).

Equity funds copied market developments

As expected, the bad results on the stock markets had a negative effect on the performance of the fund, especially the stock, exchange and fund of funds. Although the current statistics of the Union of Investment Companies for the past week have been missing data from the company P Invest and AKRO. Even these funds would not significantly improve the fund’s seemingly uneasy situation in performance.

In the case of equity funds, all funds, without exception, recorded a questionable performance last week. The funds lost the most ISS Sporotrend (-1,75 %) a ISS Eurotrend (-1.59%). Of course, both funds of the fund, especially ICS fund fund (-1.85%) and so the top of the smench fund ended a week in a nutshell. The dog one percent in the minus found himself in the fund IKS Balancovan (-1,84 %).

Money market funds have been in good shape in the past week, but so are most bond funds, especially those that investors invest in domestic bonds or in bonds of Central and Eastern Europe. From the money market fund is the most

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dailo fondu IKS Penn trh (+ 0.05%), among bond funds then the fund IKS Bonds (+0,61 %) a ISS Sporobond (+0,58 %).

The fund did not mind the same sale

And surprising times, the fund has been successful in the statistics of certain sales. Even during the shopping season, these investors invested a total of 154.4 million CZK in domestic funds. However, it is more surprising that all types of funds recorded positive sales. Of course, most funds went to money market funds (+112.3 mil. K), then to money exchange funds (+21.9 mil. K) and, surprisingly, bond funds (+12 mil. K) were recently placed in the third city. ) – mainly thanks to the ISS Sporobond fund (+ K27 million million).

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesSOB stock mix-0,32%ISS-SPOROTREND-1,75%
ivnobanka shares-0,80%ISS-EUROTREND-1,59%
IKS Svtovch index-1,56%
BondsIKS Bonds0,61%IKS Plus bondov-0,43%
ivnobanka-Obligan0,47%ISS-S korp. dluhop.-0,02%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND-0,50%
ICS Fund Fund-1,85%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,05%SOB entries0,04%
SmenMAX-svtov guarantee0,38%IKS Balancovan-1,84%
SOB nadan0,32%ivnobanka dynamick-0,76%
SOB Quantity combine.0,15%ISS-SPOROMIX 5-0,49%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST71,9ivnobanka-Sporokonto-17,0
IKS Penn trh.57,4SOB wealth-9,6
ISS-SPOROBOND27,2ivnobanka dynamick-8,2

Zdroj: UNIS

The bond fund passed a week, so it was among ING’s funds. The best ING esk bond fund – CAP recorded the best sales among the funds of this company with certain sales in the amount of K 26.0 million and postponed the ING esk equity fund – CAP (+16.7 million K) to the second place. On the other hand, the ING (II) Czech Money Market Fund – CAP (K -34.7 million) was the most affected. Even so, the total ING funds recorded positive sales of 27.5 million K.

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