The strong crown introduced the leadership of OP Prostjov

OP Prostjov con in June with production in Uherský Hraditi and Olomouc. Vyrbt will be only in Prostjov. The company has problems with transport due to strong currency, confirmed for the trade bridge OP Milivoj k.

“The main reason is a strong crown. Its gym is on the verge of death, ”he said, adding that export orders have thus become significantly unprofitable. The company lasted days in Uherské Hradiště. Production was carried out in Olomouc, where the days were washed.

But first, lose these branches to attractiveness, say k. Of course, there are still fields that will be fulfilled, even those for export. “It is primarily a spike, a quality thing for customers who are willing to pay extra,” explains the bridge.

With the days of the Prostjov company in the Czech Republic, but the contact with a foreign partner, his name did not reveal.

The crashes will continue
According to the chief economist of Patria Finance, David Marek, the textile industry will continue. “The last record sending of the manufacturer’s crown did not go well. This is because companies use a system of temporary hedging of exchange rate risk.

Exporters don’t even have much control over how to cope with the opposite. “The only way to mitigate the impact on the export industry is to move the manufacturer to a location where its production is more competitive,” added Marek.

Low wages in Asia dl drt esk textiles
And this is confirmed by the k. “There is, of course, the long-term problem of cheap Asian competition,” adds. Although wages in the textile industry are not high, the Asian wage costs cannot compete, vce tte LN: esk textilky can release 5,000 people this year. In Czech, iks and krej cost about 12 thousand gross.

Since the end of the year, the company has laid off about 920 employees out of three thousand. The races in Ostrava and Lotice also ended in May. In addition to the strong currency, the rise in energy prices and, paradoxically, the lack of qualified people also contributed to profitability. “Finding or tailoring is a big problem,” pipout k.

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