The work is unknown to me. We will be digital conductors, kf Dell

All organizations, for example in the economy, will be technologically advanced. It is estimated that 85 percent of jobs in 2030 have not yet been invented. The labor market will not be talking about distance, but about whether we are able to learn and gain new experiences. How to prepare for the future, a series of studies by Dell Technologies, which is presented by the Czech branch of Ji Kysel.

Dell Technologies commissioned the study to help companies prepare for the future. And so their employees. The research, led by the IFTF (Institute for the Future), involved 20 technology, education and business experts from around the world. They discovered how intelligence, robots, virtual and altered reality or cloud computing could, over the years of changing our lives and the way they work, to Ji Kysela.

The study talks about how there have never been so many changes. Is this revolution, a fortress in human history, the most important?
The current changes are unique in the pace at which they proceed and how quickly they open a completely new branch. And so, in addition to production, they also affect the field of service provision. Today we can see the changes, for example, in self-service cash registers in supermarkets and in automatic check-in kiosks in fast food restaurants, in the service of banking operations, shopping or ordering services. Potae of a certain type can fully replace the activities that two people have. And it works.

In 2030, there will be 85 % new positions that we do not know yet. In which industries most?
Using the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industries of the revolution, it can be that even in these cases, the vacated workforce has adapted to the changing conditions and found its application in the newly opened possibilities, which we are currently unable to name accurately.

With increasing productivity, the number of jobs in traditional fields will decrease, not only in production, but at the same time the demand for new products and services will increase. I will not avoid the massive loss of jobs, as a result of a large shift that will affect the majority of the field. Not only in retail, transport, manufacturing, in the hospitality sector, but also in fields such as translation and interpreting services, in the first and intermediary services, logistics.

It is most often stated or feared that they will take away the least qualified position. However, I think that the greatest impact is the number of medium-sized, ie employees processing various agendas, which can be either automated or significantly simplified.

Prce will not be revenge, but sri kol what can you imagine under the darkness? Won’t we work for you on a fixed-term contract, but will we only work on certain projects? But it doesn’t work here.
Again, we have a gradual number of options, which pin is connected to the world. One of the visas is to work from home, shared office space or from anywhere where an employee has signed up. After the registration, its offer will be made available to the current market, which potential bidders can get out and agree on online to cooperate on the required project, for the required time. Of course, this can only be predicted for certain activities and professions, but their circle will constantly expand.

At the same time, the search and selection of experts, where platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook are gaining ground, is also changing significantly. However, the elaboration and more precise integration of the application will begin. They will not only mediate the work, but also provide technical means for its operation. Companies will look for and hire employees for specific types of work online. It will be an improved version of the gig-economy, where experts and external experts offer global services on projects.

In the future, this way of organizing work will be much more frequent and companies will have to deal with how the first framework will be put together for this way of employing. I can imagine that, for example, there will be a framework employment contract with a fixed number of working hours for a given year. Companies will then be delivered with hired experts, whether they want more or less hours of services offered. But this means that the current system is completely on its head: and work will be looking for people, not the other way around.

who even experts cannot predict how individual industries will do in the future. So how do companies prepare for change, what should they do when no one knows anything?
To monitor developments both in their industry and in technological possibilities, how to manufacture products or how to provide services. Data analysis and mapping of information and process will be very important for companies. At a time when every day x new start-ups are created and every young company wants to use Amazon and Facebook, it is important to constantly monitor and learn from colleagues from various fields.

spn businessman with ua much tou. I think that this feature is important for anyone who wants to enter the company at a time in times of great change. Of course, in those years, the machines will take over from the people, not only assembly, but especially administrative organization. Then it will be up to us to contribute the added analytical value to the business processes. The pitfalls will be that we will use the machines and look for ways to make the best use of them. We will become digital conductors.

The ability to acquire new knowledge will depend not on the knowledge itself, so in the first place. However, this also presupposes a change in the education system. And esk kolstv se pli nemn.
Yes, this is a long-term problem that is not easy and fast. Education on all types of bicycles must focus primarily on how to teach students and students to evaluate and make effective use of the information that reaches them through many channels. Trying to put as much data as possible into students’ heads and check what they have memorized is counterproductive.

In today’s world, it is easy to get to any information quickly, but the ability to get it out, to get a combination of information on a new quality of a problem, is what today’s children in life will need the most. Related to this is the much-discussed study of mathematics, which u think and seek een.

A number of people will worry that they will lose their jobs in the future, because they will not be able to learn quickly, they will not be able to keep up.
Those who are able to adapt faster and better to many conditions will have a better position on the labor market, yes. But on the other hand, even if there is a long run in automating various processes, the volume of services that require a lot of human resources will still increase.

We will still be looking for programmers, SW architects who are developing software for new machines, applications and services, but on the other hand, there will be a growing need for social interaction workers. You don’t know that machine.

Simultaneous changes will require great patience. No one today can 100% read how jobs will disappear, how they will increase, we also have to prepare for different stages. However, it can always be used for various types of people.

How can virtual or altered reality help me in the labor market in the future?
The benefits of virtual and altered reality (VR / AR) can be seen in the field of testing and testing new products or you in the field of knees and teaching in general. The virtual reality of companies can present the environment in which the new product will be used and it is possible to know any shortcomings. They can be used to move the field of healthcare forward. Imagine that a doctor / surgeon can try, perform and perform a simple operation in a virtual environment. Find out how the rocks are, where the problem may occur, how long the operation may take.

Your company, which offers technology, services and support, will probably not be able to follow new trends and their use problems. But what about employees – don’t suffer vs. their shortage?
So far, we do not have to find experts in great trouble, as we are preparing the recruiter with the idea of ​​where the person will be in the company for five or ten years, and we will select talents and carry out their professional development accordingly. In addition, the strength and popularity of the characters, which according to a survey by Universum Globum, is one of the top preferred employers among IT graduates, is a significant help.

For many applicants, the process of connecting two technology giants, such as Dell and EMC, is particularly appealing at the moment, and the view to personal development and the ability to work on truly significant projects is quite right. Many employees in the Prague branch are responsible for other markets in Central and Entrance Europe or work in the dark on projects for the whole of Europe and for clients at Blzkm Vchod.

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