There is enough work in the EU, according to an Eures expert

they can work in ten hundred originally European patents. The labor market in France should be opened from July. Anyone who would like to work abroad has good luck. “There are now around 1.5 million job vacancies on the European job mobility portal,” said Jana Janikov, a Eures specialist.

According to Janikov, I am interested in practically all job positions. From IT experts, economists, dogs working in gastronomy and crafts.

“Of course, we can expect a salary, especially from the republic,” k. On the other hand, due to strong crowns, we are expected to lose money. “A lot of people are moving, for example, from Great Britain,” said Janikov.

The basis for finding work abroad is knowledge of the language of the state. A hunter cannot do without t.

Although they are not yet allowed to work in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and yet in France, the market is not fully closed to them.

“An employer who will be interested in everything should issue a work permit for everyone in the German council. Getting employment and work permits in Germany is also possible thanks to bilateral agreements with Germany, ”to Janikov.

Trying to find an employee even in these closed countries, the price is determined by the employer.

“It is therefore necessary to take a look at the offer of vacancies and respond to them,” advises Janikov.

If a Czech worker decides to go abroad, he should think primarily about social and health insurance and report any changes.

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