There was a mess in Masarykova street in Brno – the prompts took care of you

In Masarykova Street in the center of Brno, the town of Albnci was shot in succession. “He spoke from the floor of the Victoria department store, where the signpost is located. One Albnec ran out – he was bleeding – and behind him he gave them, “said Marek ern, who is not far away, at the age of 22. Traffic was stopped due to the incident.

The reporter spotted a trace of blood behind the police station. She smashed them inside the building. A large man was lying on the floor. The witnesses could not agree whether one of him was bedded or poured.

“We had a crowd from the police, so we sent an ambulance to Masarykova Street, which only took the poezanho mue. In addition, he was transferred to the Merciful Brothers Hospital, ”said Barbora Zuchov, spokesperson for the Medical Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region.


Immediately after being taken to the hospital, the wounded men began to operate. “Immediately after the passage of the ambulance, he traveled to the sl, we will not provide details about his injuries,” said Pavel Gejdo, a hospital spokesman.

According to oitch svdk, the editor of MF DNES confessed to the city, the meeting came back sometime around 11:30. “They are albums, some of which I know because I live in the center,” added Roman Zbr, 24 years old.


Police drank to the city only a few minutes after the shooting and, according to witnesses, arrested all those involved in the incident. “The thorns heard the rises up and noticed that he had run out of a house with a firearm in his hand. She was immediately arrested and pedaled by the police, “said Denisa Kapitanikov, a spokeswoman.

The Victoria shopping center remained closed. For about twenty minutes, public transport was stopped on Masarykova Street, and trams formed a long queue to the Freedom Street. The mole before twelve, the bag started again.

After a ton, who especially injured a man who was operating in a Brno hospital, a police officer asked. “He was ninety-nine years old, and he was 38 years old. After the perpetrator who injured the bill, a police officer, “Andrea Prochzkov described the speech.

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