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20 years ago, Jitka and Jan Pokorn built a barn near Bechyn for a long time and started making ceramic tiles. Today, they have a thriving manufactory, a stonemason’s wholesaler, and they develop abroad, including celebrities from among their customers. Pkn pbh bag increased the lack of people and burdened the bureaucracy.

They met at the University of Chemical Technology. After graduating, Jan el worked for the Bechysk company, which produced sanitary ware, and Jitka, a mateskou. And it didn’t take long for a decision to be made: Let’s get down to business. And so in 1997 they founded the manel Kamnstv Bechyn and started to make the first ceramic tiles. In a growing barn on the land of Jan’s family in Radtice. There sdl to this day.

They bought from the relatives to buy the furnace and to give the necessary input costs. The tiles were a symbol of buroazie, the craft was perueno in our country during the communist. They did it illegally. After the revolution, it started again. We also started at a good time. Kamnsk companies existed, but the manufacturer was small. With the tiles in the trunk of the car, I went around the whole country and offered our work, Jan Pokorn recalls.

How was I going to eat?
Total size There was a fairly large group of cottages, who tiled stoves, were often rebellious, and wanted to renovate them. The sun was in Austria, where it develops to this day, and we discovered an interesting market in Poland, Croatia, Germany and Norway.

What kind of stove did you make, according to what pattern?
We had some knowledge of the bike, but it was a lot of an attempt to make a mistake. As for the pattern, there are traditions, and then those where you engage your imagination. We looked for inspiration in the archives. And so we got the patterns from the customers themselves, who brought old stoves to them, with the need to make the missing ones. We have agreed with them, and we will still agree that if we can include their model in the assortment, we will give them a free form. We were so happy that we confused ourselves with one handy manufacturer, with whom we exchanged patterns with each other. Today we have a wide range, which we regularly add.

You also sell me stoves, but I have to go behind the stove with them.
That’s right. Our main customers are not the people of Zulice, but first the stove. It is true that before the summer we offered an offer for the production of stoves. We let two of our employees be used in the field, but in the end we found out that it wasn’t a good move. if we are dark against our customers. The two boys also left us and opened their own stove. We work with them, as well as with hundreds of others.

You poured out your services for the needs of the stove.
We wished that when UK stoves go for stoves, they can buy from us the rest of what they need to make. So, for example, fireplaces, inserts, chimneys, above, building materials, but we also have cast iron pots on offer, which are nice hours to the stove. We are also wholesale. in the field. We offer quality, expensive products. We want to calm down and not wake up horribly that we sold something that would not last long.

Was tk to get represented by German companies?

We wrote a magazine that we would rarely sell their products in the Czech Republic. And especially we looked good, so probably that we had a history of production behind us. However, they only drank to us only then we agreed.

Where do you sell it all?
About six years ago, we bought an originally small spa building in Sobslav, which we repaired ourselves. We have a big showroom there today. In addition to sales, we also provide various knees for stoves. And we have an e-shop.

Are you a manufacturer today, or a retailer?
Gr steho business are still stoves. In a business that is, of course, interesting, we have certain rules, we have to adapt and we do not have such freedom as in the craft itself.

How many employees do you currently have?
Vrob seven people. We are still in the barn itself, as we were twenty years ago, we spilled the space on the hall. Everything we make, sell. We could order a lot more. Not only from the Czech Republic, but also from abroad. We develop into a number of European states and we have many offers for a large list. But without the people, we just can’t do it. And they are not. There is a ceramic wheel nearby, but graduates need to learn at least half a year. And he didn’t last that long. Young do not want to work with their hands. Chtj sedt za potaem a brt ticet tisc msn. Our work is not easy, but it is creative. But let’s not think about it.

So how do you keep your existing employees?
They are basically during that time with such friends not employees. But time is tk, so we have to try to find some reasonable medium way. Let’s give them a pension, we offer various benefits. Somehow new young blood, which would revive the collective, would probably help both them and them.

Let’s do business for 20 years, but sometimes we wonder if that wasn’t enough. If we didn’t have these people behind us who work with us for a long time, we could even end it. And it’s going on.

That would be the code of an established company zavt.
You’re right. We have built something, we have prestige, tiles from our number of well-known people, and artists or politicians. It is important that we cultivate a stone craft, which is very important, but sometimes the taste for work is not enough. A lot of hearing, time and energy is reduced by bureaucracy, a lot of different regulations and stupid instructions that you have to follow all the time. Just to give you an idea: recently he got a stove, which he buys from us regularly, a fine of five thousand crowns for not having a guide on how to put on a glove. And such nonsense is the whole series. And lately, the customers themselves are also taking both sides, and aggression in society is growing.

And what about the competition?
The competition is fierce, in every field it is fastest. But we work hard with customers, so our clients don’t think about taking it elsewhere. Also, even if someone is copying us, we don’t have much competition.

And how about two people? Do you have any advertising?
We have very good feedback on Facebook advertising. It costs a hundred crowns, it is fast, and when we put some beautifully photographed realizations on the pages, we sit with the customer within 14 days. However, the biggest advertisement is the magazine itself, which we publish once every two months. We came up with the concept years ago to differentiate ourselves again, but at the same time bring new information from the field. Thanks to that, we got more into the consciousness of copper and darkness to customers.

D to buy?
In the past, we distributed it via PNS to shops and newsagents, but financially it was lost. Usually the magazine was tucked down somewhere, so the customers didn’t even find it. But again, thanks to its distribution, we received it in about 70 libraries throughout the country. We will now send it to customers, you can buy it on the web in either the title or electronic version. And it’s ours, let’s really fly on it.

Mte dv dti. And even if you talk about running out of humor in your business, would you like your children to take over the company one day?
Both children are on a high bike and help them. Daughter with magazine, son in vrob. But we will not stigmatize them at work, they will not get them involved. you don’t have a craft as a business. You must love the amt within a certain twin of madness. Let’s see if she finds her in herself.

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