They promised vr and took a fee of 5,000 K

She paid 40,000 crowns for the promise of the future booth in vi, she received the loan bag for 900 crowns. Mr. Evy comments on financial advisors.

Eva needed a pension. Songs 40,000 crowns. Pipadala was desperate because they didn’t want to go to the bank, her budget is tight. Then she found an advertisement in a newspaper newspaper, where they offered to borrow. She called and listened with joy that vr would not be a problem. There will be a little paperwork around it, a nice voice explained when you come to me. And so Eva went from Prague to Ostrava.

The promised paper was
First, the client signed a contract for an intermediary. The other party undertook to develop its activities, allowing the beneficiary (Eva) to have the pleasure of concluding a contract of employment with this person. Eva stated that she would like 40,000 crowns and paid a commission of a thousand.

Adviser: Remuneration for work performed is payable, usually and do the work. You can also comment on this breeding broker as follows: In addition, the contract states that it will be valid for a year, but in the case of errors, a change in what happens when the client does not receive the required return.

S. ro nen akciovka
The contract provided a contact information for the brokerage company and its logo. The company is called PP, spol. s ro, and sdl in Hostivice. She knew the PP Kristna logo from TV commercials, so it seemed twofold. The telephone line to turn to if she didn’t understand him was 900.

Adviser: Telephone number 900 is a line charged from 4 to 70 crowns per minute. On such links you will find paid information: advice, dating, gaming, or erotic services. As an infoline for clients (in specific cases for 30 crowns per minute), this is definitely not ethical. Thus, the PP character is a trick on clients. Its graphic design logo is reminiscent of the Czech Business Association, which Eva actually uses from advertising.

Pjka vs does not come out cheap
The condition for PP to start a business for the benefit of Mr. Eva was that he would conclude a contract on supplementary pension. Eva undertook a spoit of 500 crowns msn. In addition, she also signed another bill, in which she promised that for a period of one year the pension supplement would not change, and if so, pay a fine of 10,000 crowns.

Adviser: It is completely unthinkable for an intermediary to condition his promise by buying another product. Moreover, it is limited that they are not allowed to deal with the contract: the broker would probably be asking for a commission if Eva dreamed of a small job in the pension fund. The supplementary pension agreement is an agreement between Eva and the fund. The intermediary cannot deprive it of the first time to deal with the contractual relationship and therefore the type of contract is invalid. It is a magpie bag for Eva, which does not orient itself in the first place and would rather pay without risking a fine.

Everything goes smoothly and you get a ride
So that Eva’s dog would not have a lot of signature about the suitability of his purchase, he received a drink. As part of the so-called Finannho package, it gained a promise of 12.5 percent cheaper energy, a luxury children’s watch and a kind of bonus card in which discounts can be applied. From the provided materials, it was not very clear how the discounts were. For that Finann will pay the package paid the client gave a commission. This time 3,800 K.

Adviser: Drek is greedy to many people. Seeing that they get a runk or a cup, they are willing to sign a completely meaningless contract. And paying almost three thousand for opaque services is really pointless.

We received a commission from vs, we accept it
In a few days, Eva received a letter. The company DIS FIN, s.r.o., from Ostrava, sent her a contract for a loan and, at the same time, enough for a state pension. Just go to the note, sign both documents and send back. Pensions j then come to et. stka, which they offered as vr, was 900 crowns. With an annual rate of 6.9 percent and with the fact that the pension (108 crowns) goes as a company fee. Instead of the required 40,000, Eva had 792 crowns at her disposal. And how much did it all cost her?

  • commission for brokerage contract 1,000 crowns
  • commission for Finann package 4,800 crowns
  • ram signature 2x 60 crowns
  • goes to Ostrava and back 560 crowns
  • a total of 6,420 crowns

Adviser: Mon, if Eva had negotiated all the costs that are required to borrow before signing the contracts, it would be expensive. On one side 40,000, on the other 6.9 percent years rate and costs 6,420 crowns.

The whole store was tangled and opaque, which in itself was suspicious. Fraudulent companies are always targeting people who are in a difficult situation and who, in desperation, sometimes support them, who would normally laugh at them. Or for those who do not have days of experience with the financial world, you do not even use a bank account. Just need cash.

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