Think positive, you will be more satisfied. You just have to adopt a habit

Human reasoning has a natural tendency to focus on problems. When such a deliberate problem to solve is in the horseshoe. But nothing can be said. Seeing problems is not the right thing, warns psychologist Jan Urban.

Why be positive about something positive? Because optimism and a positive consideration are always better results, not only at work. In addition, it has been proven to prolong life, improve mental well-being and increase physical condition, among other things because it strengthens resistance to colds. There are only a few simple habits to get it.

Nesoustete if in the negative

The tendency to see and anticipate these problems is evidenced by simple experience. When you listen to the conversation that people are having, then you often find that you prefer to focus on the various difficulties. So on the sweat, the injustice, and the restlessness that befell them. And so on the sweat you fear. We pay much less attention to events that turned out, or simply, as they should have. If we took this conversation, but also the expressions of the people around us, in the world, we would necessarily come to the conclusion that nothing works as it should.

I do not want to know that there are no problems or that you do not have elites. The fact at the same time is that hundreds of different events related to labor and other things take place every day without any shortcomings. The decisive stage of the bike can be done by us and our collaborators right, and you, despite their scope, will stress thermal and various technical failures.

And most of the people around us are valued as friendly, courteous and willing to help, at least until we accept their willingness ourselves. And this dog knows the diversity of human natures.

For some, not entirely clear reasons, we take these positive circumstances for granted. Rarely do we fully realize them or get them appreciated. Let’s not focus on situations where events even come first, but on those where this is not the case. The short time when a colleague performs twelve laps in the morning and then one time at a time, the first one in the dark of the conversation becomes the one he didn’t think of.

Positive consideration reduces stress and recharges

The advantages of positive reasoning related to the fact that it reduces stress, and thus increases energy and determined problems. An optimistic view therefore leads not only to better work and other results, but also to the health and psychological effects of stress. In the long run, it also pays to optimize and positively consider the people in a healthy and healthy style. And because she moves more, poison healthier, or drink and smoke.

Due to the negative myth, ie the tendency to compete for unfavorable events, often in me, which tears in their pekn, bv that we take these events (pli) personally. We do not understand them as random exceptions, but as the result of a small number of people around us, to whom we also attribute the worst minds. There is also the fear that if we did not get enough of these problems (even taking them only as a matter of course, it is in no way related to them), their incidence would increase.

The opposite is true. The habit of seeing events around us objectively, that is, realizing how often times turn out, is to help reduce unnecessary worries, and thus gain the energy and problems of elite people.

Kad m obas patn den

However, each of us will spend the day when a number of unfavorable events will be charged to us. And without his own fault due to courage, your power, incomprehensible or other unforeseeable circumstances. For example, a small traffic accident will happen, let’s soften the traffic connection, we will come late for an important meeting, a co-worker under a notice, a sensitive e-mail will first ask someone else, it will stop working, and someone will find something unpleasant.

We will not completely relieve the stress that the days are over. We can limit it in a positive way with washing and learned optimism. The starting point is to realize that the concurrence of unfavorable situations is completely natural. Instead of being surprised, panic and weight, for such an event affected us first, you need to turn your attention to her. Not only to detach her from the problems that arise, and not to succumb to the tendency for them to linger. But you also because we will regain our self-confidence.

Also, if we keep a sense of humor, we will not take it easy, we will be aware that nothing hot has happened, and from an unfavorable situation we will try to say at least something positive.

Find the positive vci for which the target bt vdn

Even unfavorable situations have their positives. It’s just a matter of realizing them. On the positive side, for example, as a result of an unfavorable agreement, we will meet new people or understand that everyone has their bad days. And if they happen to others, you will be willing to forgive them for their problems.

A positive circumstance may be that they will lead us to wonder whether the concurrence of unfavorable events was preceded by certain signals, we should have paid attention to them.

In order to see our unfavorable situation more positively, we can also ask ourselves questions, for example:

  • Which of these things can I find for myself even in my complicated situation?
  • Which experiences I have gained will help me in the future?
  • Which of these things am I even in a given situation?

The way to change your mood, reduce stress and write to the situation as quickly as possible is the habit of doing a certain activity immediately. hurry, often even a small result, which we achieve with this activity, as long as the feeling of frustration at least swells.

When you are stressed about the basis of some of these methods, remember it in case of a bad day. Although, of course, hope that it will never happen.

Pitfalls to avoid

If you come across a fight that has met on the wrong day, you should avoid other possible pitfalls that you might encounter. The reason is to prevent you from doing something in the emotional state to which you put the stress that would make your situation worse. If possible, you can, for example, try to avoid complicated dealings with enthusiastic and complicated co-workers, especially when you are not fully prepared for it in a given situation.

Unfavorable events and bad days should be understood only as they are, ie an exceptional situation and a rarely bad interplay event. There is no reason for a bad working day to become a bad day as such, to grow in a bad week or even lead us to believe that our unfavorable events will continue beyond. He should not even provoke in us a tendency to focus firmly on the negatives, and think of the positive, which would hinder us in the work and a healthy life.

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