Thonet – the owner of the factory, who had a fortune in the monks

Thonet’s idle, which is made in Bystica pod Hostnem, is known all over the world. They also got to the Ovln office of Blho domu. How was the fate of the family and their factories?

He grew up as an individual and he also built his company, from a long time in the German Boppart to a factory in Vienna. But because Michael Thonet, the creator of the most famous idol of all time, immediately brought up five successors, the expansion of the company to Moravia in the dark.

And all his sons, Michael the Young, Augustus, Franz, Jacob, and Joseph, continued according to their father. The family company worked their way up gradually, from members and individual professions and to its women.


Wherever they drank, they ensured the development not only of the people who worked for them, but of the whole area, first Radmil Tomk, quality manager in the bypass company TON, who is interested in the history of the company. They had a sophisticated social system, they built simple houses for a long time, they built them. But in Bystice, they provided you with a public water supply and a railway. In Mezi, they started an industrial wheel again, where they were preparing a shipbuilder, Tomk added.

In the world, they largely shifted production by making it more industrialized, one hunter did not make a product from arrest to the end, but individual specializations emerged. Someone bent over, some ezal. Use the same system in TON even today.

Michael was very mature, precise and had a talent for business. But most of all, he didn’t want to experiment and start again. One of the astch mt is that he invented the flexible deva. That’s not it, it bent in front of him. But he perfected it, he worked on how to bend a massive tree into big curves, Tomk explains.

In 1856, he had a patent registered for the method of bending a massive wood using a so-called flange, ie a metal dog, which is clamped along the whole piece of wood, and only then does the sweat begin to bend. The metal prevents the wood from cracking on the outside.

Tovrnk v montrkch

The fateful shift in the development of the company was the meeting of Michael with Count Metternich, who liked his work and initiated the transfer of production to Vienna in 1842. to start your own company Thonet Shne. At that time, the oldest son Franz was 29 years old, the youngest Jacob eight.

But it didn’t take long for the company to change its name again, and Michael transferred the property to its sons. Hence the name Gebrder Thonet – Brati Thonetov. Society grew, only in Vienna it was cramped by labor tracks and a lack of wood. Therefore, they began looking for forested areas unencumbered by industry that would pay their workers. Nali is in Moravia.

First, they discovered the Koryans, where Michael, then an employee, started building not only a new factory, but also a home for his family. The sons, most notably Franz and August, still asserted themselves in the leadership. Here they made the legendary sloth, ie the idiot, which has been in various variations for 158 years and is still interested in it. She also got into the world concert dreams and Ovln’s office Blho domu.

Thonet still stalked the monsters and moved on for a long time. It is said that tm mtl nvtvy. It happened that they asked him where to find Mr. Comrade. He never acted like a rich man, he was a table and so he performed, to the amateur researcher and author of several professional books on Thonet Ji Uhl.

The factory in Bystice pod Hostnem, the second Moravian one, was opened in 1861. Halenkov followed Vsetno in 1869. It was the last one opened in Michael’s lifetime. He died in 1871 at the age of 75. However, the sons continued at the same pace for a long time and two years later opened a plant in Vsetn.

There they found themselves, a bit curious, in the close neighborhood of a competitor, the Kohnovch family, who specialized in bending furniture. Their factories were divided only by Beva, who intersected Vsetno.

In Thonet’s, a stain was gradually created for the production of molds, and according to some sources, they also made screws. In addition, the family had one production in Slovakia, Poland and Germany’s Frankenberg. She later turned to making furniture from metal pipes, not wood, and hence a number of the most famous pieces of furniture from the period of functionalism. Today, he is the only one who is a successor to the family business and owns the Thonet trademark.

Traces between the wolves

The size of the days from the factories before the First World Wolf did not exceed the bypass operation, in 1911 1,450 pieces of furniture were produced here daily. But the good times are over with the wolf. Employees had to enlist, instead of furniture, ammunition boxes were made and the Austrian government gradually grew the company’s debts. Only after the wolf did it grow to exist and the pension was not to be wasted. That was a real year.

Thonet’s factories were to be removed from the crisis by merging with former competitors, and in 1924 the Thonet Mundus company was formed jointly. This partner, all over Kohn, did not figure in the name. Jenome Leopold Pilzer, the owner of Mundus, was primarily a tough businessman, and Thonet’s descendants didn’t like the death he set.

This was the work of a generation at Gebrder Thonet, and it was led by Michael’s grandson Viktor. However, he did not figure in the leadership of the new company. He was not the last of Thonet, but he was the last of Michael’s line of successors. In the next generations, his cloak and skin did not succeed, Uhl pointed out. Michael and his sons were busy and obsessed, which is why practically nothing was known about their personal lives.

The intervening development was very complicated, the traces of individual Thonets disappear, but it is certain that the German family of the family before the 2nd World Wolf reached the redistribution of the company and settled with Pilzer.

Domestic operations in Koryany and Bystice, as companies with more than 50 employees, were nationalized on the basis of Bene’s decree immediately after the wolf. In 1946, the national company Thonet was established and in the 1950s it was renamed the national company TON.

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