Those years at work and I’ll be fem, think young people. How do you want to do that?

I want to enter the work team, to be an inspiring personality and role model for colleagues. Young people not only in our country, but all over the world, have such a career. This emerged from an ongoing survey of Adecco personnel in 48 countries around the world. How did the younger dreams of exploration appear? And what can help me in curry?

They were born at the turn of the old and new millennium, so they became loved. Most of them have great ambitions, they want self-development, they want more independence and they will dominate the labor market within a few years. Refuse to submit to the directives of companies and for many years to begin social and economic conditions. Many companies are still aware that the advent of Generation Y is inevitable. So how do young people see their career?

According to their opinion, in the future only those who are capable of dark work and effective communication will stand in the leading position. At the same time, he is willing to accept the views of other co-workers and adapt to change.

For the optimal time to do so, fem are considered millennials, respectively asked in the survey, for a maximum of three years from the start of work. In addition to the so-called soft skills, the leader should have the ability to complete time and create business strategies.

At the same time, the young generation is most likely to be led into management by a high level of emon intelligence (51%) and a corresponding work and life experience (41%). In far far, I have reached the distance (8%). More than a deep professional specialization, he appreciates the proficiency in a number of areas of interest.

According to Adecco, the young people consider the difficulty of working to improve the whole society as a job. On the contrary, according to them, the financial results of the company or personal evaluation should not be used for employment.

Milenilov was the first to grow up in a world full of modern technologies, they have different values ​​and specific dreams. At work, I want to be a big one and have a positive impact on the whole society, says Adecco R director Ondej Wysoglad. Adding to the fact that this generation is accustomed to the rapid development of the world, and that is why it wants a diverse career, it is advancing rapidly.

The international survey, entitled People of the Future, involved more than 3,000 young people from Europe, Asia, China and North America and the Middle Entrance, most of them with a university degree. At the same time, they all supported the CEO competition for one month. The two young people enjoy the general budget of Adecco’s CEO for one month.

It’s a great way to get young people involved in such a society. Stista will meet on his own with situations he has never heard of or missed about in the round. Wysoglad concludes by gaining an overview and valuable experience, which he will subsequently use in his future profession. Competitors regularly participate in the Czech Republic.

Sta se manaerem

The new mentoring program XY-Transfer, launched these days by the Czech Managers’ Association, is gaining a keen experience of senior executives from senior leaders. Its goal is not only to share the experience between individual generations and to hell the initial managerial problems, but also to help apply modern trends in management.

We know that both groups want to communicate with each other. Generation Y longs for self-development and cares about the experience of its senior counterparts. In this way, we can get closer to both worlds, explains Vilm Vrba, chairman of the Club of Young Managers.

For example, the head of the IKEM center Jan Pirk or the CEO Tom Peovsk from UBER, Jaromr Hjek from Lease Plan, Petr Choulk from Linde Gas, the chairman of the board of Autocont Jaroslav Biolek or the member of the board of Plzeskho Prazdroj Drahomra Mandkov joined the pilot project.

estnct mentor and estnct mentees from ad len esk manaersk association and other related companies were selected by an expert commission for the composition of pijatch pihlek. The mentoring program takes the form of regular meetings with individual pairs. In May of the fifth year, an evaluation workshop was held at the bottom of the association, where it also announced the second wave of the program.

In particular, the results of the Adecco survey among loved ones

For some questions, respondents could choose more options.

1. What skills must the future leaders have?

Mkk skills:

  • 81% Darkness work and relationship management
  • 62% Effective communication
  • 59% Improving and adapting to change
  • 56% Innovation
  • 47 % Strategick plnovn a sudek
  • 39% Orientation to results
  • 36% Prunost v uen
  • 30% Responsibility and progressiveness

Hard skills:

  • 81% Full / Strategic capabilities
  • 79% Managerial skills
  • 58% Trade development
  • 44 % Technologie / IT
  • 36% Trade / Sale
  • 34% Knowledge of foreign languages
  • 31% Expertise
  • 24% ethnicity / budget
  • 15% Vysokokolsk degree / distance

2. Which of the following skills will move the hunter to the leading position the most?

  • 51% Vysok stupe emon inteligence
  • 41% Corresponding to work and life experience
  • 8% High level of academic intelligence and education

3. What is the point of attention regarding vocational education and specialization of managers?

  • 82% of the people of the future should rather be left in the customs area not to focus on just one specialization
  • 18% People of the future should specialize in one area and should be experts in this area

4. What is the significance for all your work?

  • 76% Pleasure has a positive impact on society
  • 50% Perhaps, in the future, I will manage and ambitiously full
  • 48% Good feeling from the work done
  • 43% Respect and praise from co-workers
  • 39% Finann results of the company and its value
  • 36% Pride in the organization
  • 32% It is assured that the selected business strategy is correct
  • 18% Perspective of further workflow and financial reward
  • 6% Obhjen own ability

5. What should be the priority of every hunter who is running a business?

  • 49% Innovation / product development
  • 39% Spoleensk a ekologick udritelnost
  • 30% Utilize new baldness in the market
  • 30 % Udren a zskvn pikovch talent
  • 29% Trade growth at lower prices
  • 28% Development of new technologies
  • 23% Good reputation of the company
  • 13% Creation of values ​​for action

6. For how long from starting to work do you imagine advancing to a leading position?

  • 30% for 3 and 4 years
  • 29% for 5 and 6 years
  • 17% in 1 and 2 years
  • 11% for 7 and 8 years
  • 9% for 9 and 10 years
  • 2% for 11 and 15 years
  • 1% for 16 and 20 years
  • 1% for more than 20 years
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