Thousands of crown reminders and penalty years can be avoided

The indebtedness of them is growing rapidly, as well as more people who have problems with the fulfillment of consumer loans, credit cards and overdrafts, which are still the most used loans. High penalties fall on their heads. Let’s advise you on how to avoid them.

Banks agree that the two of you will start your money with the pension, the more you will have the opportunity to go to a relatively painless performance. Some are only usable if you are a problem-free client so far. It is then possible to agree, for example, on a change in the payment schedule and on a real basis. In the weight of cases and consolidation of existing incl.

You will definitely not remember Otlenm. Only penalties for underpayments and non-compliance with contractual conditions will be tough, your expenses, and the last remnants of gratitude will disappear from your bank advisers. In addition, the team knows the choice of variants of an awkward situation.

Don’t you respond to calls? Banks pitvrd music
“Very bad for the willingness of the client to the situation eit. The bank assesses cases where the client may proactively log in much more helpfully than the issues in which the client herself must be reminded, Kristna Havligerov from esk spoitelny told “Een always bad on the possibilities and cooperation of the client with the bank. As a rule, the bank two preferred the agreements and cooperation with the client before the court, also confirmed Markta Dvokov from Citibank.
If you leave one at the bank, and you won’t pay attention to their call, be prepared for the fact that the debt will increase significantly. The usual telephone reminder of the bank is replaced by written reminders, this time with sanctions. Reminder fees vary depending on whether it is the first or one of the series and their frequency is usually decided in the debt, the type of product where the debt arose, but also the riskiness of the specific client. While paying for the first reminder, e.g. esk spoiteln only required, in Komern banka prepare 500 for this and in Citibank exactly 550 crowns.
BankSanctions for reminders / calls (to natural persons)stka
in K
CitibankContract fine *550
2.upomnka300 K + potovn
3.upomnka500 K + potovn
UNDERUpomnka200 K
Calls for paid debts500
Calls for castle claims500
KBUpomnka **500
Raiffeisenbank1. vzva200
2. vzva300
3. vzva500
BReminder to pay the debt300

* for nedodren data splatnosti msn, pp.
for the limit pekroen
** is collected if the total volume is overdue
400 K

In addition, the debt will grow faster thanks to penalty years. They are most often around 25% per annum (for example, at eBanka and 29% per annum of delays in consumer accounts, for 25% pa for unauthorized debits at Komern banka as well as at esk spoitelna)

Some banks are very quick to receive a repayable debt, while others require the sale of external receivables to be sold to external companies specializing in debt collection. The way to exchange receivables from banks and other financial institutions is also simplified by the execution and decision clauses, which are a set of credit agreements.

Erase the claim step by step
1. phone upomnn, SMS, e-mail
2. written reminders (+ penalty fees and penalty years)
3. zplatnn vru, external enforcement company
4. soudn cesta, pp. execution

After all these procedures are bag only orientan. Each financial institution has individual cases individually. Client, resp. Therefore, long-term employees should always enter them actively, or only badly, as the financial institution ultimately chooses.

You can insure yourself against non-fulfillment
However, the best way to prevent prevention. If you have problems with retirement now, do not cover the family budget with further installments, incl. If the bag is necessary, you can at least reduce the impact of some adverse life situations.

You can insure yourself against the risks of non-payment, but also credit cards due to incapacity for work, permanent disability, death, but also the risk of loss of employment. You will usually have to pay for the complete insurance of the mentioned risks. Due to the low price of insurance, it can be bought, for example, at the annual rate of interest.
Examples of prices related to individuals provided to natural persons – non-entrepreneurs (including the risk of loss of employment)

esk spoitelna 95-215 K ms.
(according to the volume of vru)
UNDER 8.5% of ms.spltky and popl.
for the first time incl. here
Komern bank free k Perfect Pjce and
Osobnmu vru
Raiffeisenbank 84 K msn

If you do not want to spend money on insurance and you really get into trouble with fulfillment, act actively.

patn povst vs pedchz
Don’t forget that most of the debt is registered by so-called vrovmi registers. VR exists right now. One bank (the BRKI Bank Register of Client Information contains both positive and negative information on bank clients) and two non-banks (the NRKI Bank Register of Client Information contains both positive and negative information on debts, and SOLUS contains only negative information).

If you enter into an equilibrium relationship with one of the participating registers, information about the progress of your volume becomes available to other participants. Thus, it is literally true that the uprising vs the previous one. The record is already given enough about the product (overdraft, consumer, mortgage, credit card, leasing and installment sales) and telephone arrears.

In addition, BRKI will keep the evening 4 years after the end of the contractual relationship, as well as NRKI. For a period of times NRKI records only did not establish contractual relations (eg, rejected in), namely 6 msc. The information in the SOLUS register can be used to pay the debt for 3 years. This information is then automatically deleted.

Bad information from the past can not be valid for a relatively long time, but at the same time complicate the path to further loans.

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