To invest in a mutual fund

Ownership of business letters is a matter of course. In addition to building societies and other financial instruments, they have become an important part of individual and corporate assets. Due to their flexibility and simplicity, their importance in the financial full household will continue to grow. So what’s the magic of the catch fund?

More and more people and institutions prefer to buy according to the fund rather than leave their funds at the expense of inflation or for a few years on term deposits. In addition to the basic advantages in the form of long-term returns in comparison with banks, the funds have a number of advantages, the most important of which are:

1.Access to markets.

Investment through the fund is especially for small investors the only way to get the full range of major instruments around the world. Thanks to them, anyone can become a mediated shareholder of the world’s best companies, share in the profits from the growth of high-speed mobile telephony, or speculate on the company in the revolution of biotechnology, or have enough information and capital available for many operations in these markets.

2.Professional at first.

Manaei fond are experienced experts in the field of capital markets and for their decision they have at their disposal the analytical potential of their own companies and brokers, through which they trade. Due to the volume of managed funds, they can afford the costs of the experts behind the individual investment recommendations.


Open-ended funds are required to repurchase and set aside

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termnu (today it will be wound within a few days) to repay their share of leaves. The price corresponds to the current values ​​of the fund’s assets per share. (Me bt vak snena o ransom heart). The investor thus gets rid of the risk that he will not find a buyer for the sale of securities on the market.


A professionally managed portfolio consists of boards and hundreds of different, preferably independent investment instruments, can spread and reduce the risks associated with investing in individual titles. Losses on shares or bonds of one troubled company will be reflected in the returns of other investments.

5.Snen transaknch nklad.

Due to the size of their purchase and sale orders, funds reach a significant fee intermediaries. While the individual investor pays more than one percent for each trade and other institutions, the fund’s costs are in the tenths of a percent.

6.Zunioduen sprvy prostedk.

In particular, businesses appreciate the radical simplification of the administration associated with the first means. Buying and selling under the fund for them represent only two ethn

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operations as opposed to multi-page entries from the portfolio manager.

7.Daov vhody.

In many countries, for tax reasons, it is appropriate to invest in some valuable funds through funds not directly. Investors so use e.g. convenient daovch rj, absence srkovch dan, or mere differences in the rates of income tax and dividend tax.

Although mutual funds have a lot of different benefits, this does not mean that they are a regular tool for any investor. Someone bothers me about the impossibility of controlling in which specific assets the fund invests its pensions. Others may be bothered by deposits, not those that are available on the stock exchange. It is not appropriate for you to put all your disputes in the funds and wait to see how they will make a profit in a few years. Even with these considerations, any reasonable investor in the context of diversification should consider expanding his portfolio with this investment instrument.

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