Topolnek proposed to draw European subsidies in another name

Mirek Topolnek suggested how to endure the losses that Czech institutions have when they get a pension from European funds. Premir thinks that subsidies should be drawn in other currencies than in euros. Due to the strengthening of the crowns, the applicant applied for subsidies in the current budget period and for 140 billion crowns.

The Prime Minister presented his full report to the Ministry of Urban Development. He did not give details. “The idea is not wrong, but again, for finished projects, it is not possible,” commented Topolnkv’s proposal, Mayor of Hrdka nad Nisou Martin Pta. “It is provided for future applicants, but it doesn’t matter,” agrees Tbora Mayor Hana Randov.

Hrdek nad Nisou “sold” one million crowns on past projects due to the exchange rate. – tte Strong koruna weakens EU subsidies

At present, this Czech municipality can receive grants to go to two projects. for a subsidy of one million euros for the reconstruction of road access and for the project of the Czech-Polish-German information center for 2.5 million euros.

Although the municipality could set the exchange rate in these areas, the pension will be used up later, but no one expected that from the spring the euro will fall from the mentioned 24 crowns by a whole crown. From one euro, the municipality will receive a crown of me, so a total of another 3.5 million crowns.

Municipalities that drank for the crowns by one hundred subsidies, at least hope that the state “compensation” will compensate them. “I think that the total losses will not be reimbursed, but I assume that some compensation will certainly come,” said the mayor of Tbora. She added that insuring against exchange rate risk is a problem for municipalities.

adatelm errors a hundred billion

According to the current exchange rate, the Czech Republic drank it by 140 billion crowns in the current budget period due to crowns. In the period for 2007 and 2013, 26.7 billion euros are set aside for the Czech Republic in the EU, which is about 614 billion crowns according to the current exchange rate.

At the end of last year, the retirement rate in European funds for the Czech Republic exceeded the korunch of 750 billion.

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