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In the past week, the fund has been doing more well than in the week. They were especially surprised by the bond funds, which all made a profit. The funds of stock funds turned out to be noticeable, but they are still attracting the attention of new investors. With the new classification of fixed-year asset funds, it could be easier to compare and select bond funds and money market funds.

All bond funds for retail investors ended the week in ernch slech. Unlike last week, this time the imaginary fund was at the forefront of hedge funds ISS Trendbond (+1,3 %), IKS Plus bondov (+ 0.99%) and ISS S corporate bonds (+ 0.86%). Only one fund has a positive performance PI Korportnch bond (+ 1.55%). The exchange of positions was also due to equity funds, where the funds were exchanged for sectors (pharmacy, new economy) ISS Sporotrend (+ 4.6%), which was helped by better household results blue chips, ale pedevm rst v Maarsku.

The situation with smench funds was similar to that for equities and bonds. Worst in the previous week IKS Balancovan (+ 2.7%) now got on top of the weekly ebek. Excluding AKRO funds, into which pensions from litigation (or from the sale of receivables Millions are returning to the fund), IKS Balancovan (+ 22.7%) is still the number one fund among domestic shifts in terms of performance. Follow him and like UNDER Stedoevropsk (+13,3 %) a ivnobanka dynamick (10,6 %), bval Pioneer Trust.

In the last week, there were another 86.6 million CZK in domestic funds. Sales of all funds from UNIS statistics ended in positive territory only thanks to ISS Sporoinvestu, which wrote an unusual 329 million K. Another 11 funds, which also ended with positive sales, together wrote only 11.7 million K., most of them the fund PI Penn (4.1 mil. K) and two shift funds ISS Sporomix 5 (2 mil. K) a ISS Sporomix 3 (1.6 million K). PI Korportnch bond (1 million K) got above the million mark. The best outflow was recorded by bond and exchange funds, of which a total of 152 million K flowed away. The ISS lost the most.

Navtivte speciln plohu o investovn prostednictvm podlovch fond HERE

Sporotrend (-84.6 mil. K), where some investors probably did not survive the decline in the value of the share certificates due to the fall of the stock market in recent weeks. This week was positive in terms of performance and let’s see how the investors respond.

Funds from the KBC Group raised a total of CZK 251 million, with the largest number (CZK 112 million) currently being offered by three hedge funds. So far, a week before the end of the subscription period, it has gained a total of 336 million K.

Statistics Union investinch company displaces assets in domestic funds at the end of April to 109.9 billion K. The number of K 1.4 billion K is worth 800 million K total net sales. The highest income came from money market funds (+ CZK 1.3 billion) and equity funds (+ CZK 162 million). On the other hand, there was a sharp outflow of funds for bond funds (-634 million K) and the mutual fund (-70 million K).

News in the world fund new classification

From Monday, May 24, trading will begin with the newly opened fund SOB KVANTO Korunov bonds, we wrote about its change from the investment privatized fund KVANTO. HERE. Its pemna ​​has been thla since 1999, when general meeting decided to open, and to the present due to alob minority action. And its download and amendment will end the investment companies – vce v TOMTO lnku – Oteven umonila.

A novelty that should contribute to further development collective investment in Europe, there are new rules for the lenn fund. The new categorization should allow for easier orientation in the offer and help in the selection of funds by making it easier to compare funds with a similar exchange. The European Fund Categorization Forum has been trying for a new categorization of the fund for less than a year. Newly, they agreed on the classification of funds investing in fixed-year assets, ie a bond fund and a money market fund. The new classification will be based on the following main criteria:

  • exposed to currency risk / currency hedged e.g. In order for the fund to present itself as euros, it will have to invest at least 90% of its assets in instruments issued in euros. In order for a fund to claim to hedge currency risk in EUR, at least 70% of its assets will need to be hedged against any currency other than EUR.
  • credit risk funds will be divided into five categories according to the credit (vrovho) risk of the issuer from government bonds (min. 80%) through corporate bonds (min. 70% investment in bonds of companies with investment grade rating) and to funds high yield bond (more than 70% investment in bonds issuer in specular degree of rating scale ).
  • years risk funds will be divided into five td according to duration average out of time to maturity. The least risky funds named money market funds with a stable NAV will last only 90 days. Dal borders will be gradually 1 year, 3 years, 7 years and more than 7 years.

The new classification will not be required in any legislative way and will only depend on companies if they accede to it. Self-regulating institutions will also have a say here, overseeing the fulfillment of these requirements by their members. The House of the Union of Investment Companies now classifies funds according to the existing requirements of the European self-regulation institution FEFSI. See HERE.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesISS SPOROTREND4,56%PI F. farmacie a biotech.-1,17%
SOB Stock Mix0,10%ISS EUROTREND-0,64%
PI globl.znaek-0,40%PI F. new economy-0,62%
BondsISS TRENDBOND1,31%ivnobanka – NADAN-0,24%
IKS Plus bondov0,99%SOB Bond Mix0,04%
ISS S korp. dluhopisov0,86%ivnobanka obligan fond0,04%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund-0,47%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,07%SOB entries0,03%
ISS SPOROINVEST0,06%ivnobanka Sporokonto0,04%
PI Penn0,04%
SmenIKS Balancovan2,69%J&T OPPORTUNITY CZK-0,70%
UNDER stedoevroprosk1,20%SOB Trade Fund-0,60%
ISS Entries1,07%SOB Kilov fond-0,48%
is sales of mil. KISS SPOROINVEST329,4ISS-SPOROTREND-84,6
PI Penn4,1IKS Bonds-55,5

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