Two years in vain looking for work. It’s been a dog for fifty years

She graduated from high school, worked abroad, mastered foreign languages. Pesto, Mr. Jiin can’t be found. In particular, her vk. He is 57 years old. After fifty people, it is currently the largest group of unemployed in the Czech Republic.

In today’s labor market, it is even harder to hear that whoever wants to find work. Unemployment is minimal, companies are fighting for applicants. Only for the category over 50 it is spe mtus. For example, counterfeiters and employees still encounter manifestations of hidden discrimination when they work carefully.

What we know from our clients is, in most cases, a major problem in getting to the interview itself. Unanswered resumes are sent out, in which the recipient has a date of birth, to Monika ervkov, the founder of the non-profit organization Plus 50, who is trying to draw attention to the troubled senior citizens in employment policy.

One of the clients of Plus 50 is Mr. Jiina. She graduated first internationally, worked in state administration and international organizations, after 1990 she completed study stays abroad. She then lived in Mexico, where she worked as an external correspondent for DeutscheWelle and gained experience in a private company. In Mexico, she and her friend managed to start a small company in the field of tourism, get married, give birth to a son, widow.

After leaving Mexico, Jiin experienced an interesting workload at the European Commission in Luxembourg. Then she had no idea that she would be the last for a long time. After returning to Prague, he was 55 years old and his experience seemed to suddenly lose interest in his experience. I go through various job interviews all the time, but without much results. Although I speak English, Spanish, Russian, French and German, I obviously do not have above-average language facilities to help, for seven-year-old Jiina.

Personalist: do you actually want to work for us?

According to them, women are educated and poor. When hell fakes and they lose their jobs, suddenly no one is interested in their distance, experience, language skills or long practice. We are not ready to start an IT startup and energy is so low. And under the influence of the fellow, that we do not want to move for work, that we cannot deal with the computer and do not speak languages, it becomes a woman.

How many times did she run over an ad with a job offer suitable for every age? The teacher found out that this is in fact a job in a young team suitable for graduates. Few of the HR professionals realize how difficult it is to make an adolescent child, in the case of an teenage son, explain Ji’s reason for applying for a position.

Take a good example of nethne power

According to the latest data from the series, more than a hundred thousand were unemployed at the age of fifty or more. Represents a little over 35% of the total sweat of all unemployed. Also, the efforts of some companies to involve more older people in the dark, connect them with young people and train them as mentors, they are not yet so inspiring for others.

There are a lot of things that we can’t find after a lot of work. Eventually, the Czech fifties were given up as they once did in the fifties of the last century in warehouses and kits, or as drills, cleaners, cash registers in supermarkets and vendors. While they have a 55-year-old astronaut in the USA, you are written off at such an age, add Jiina.

Precarization – about mm, but not exactly

According to Monika ervkov from Plus 50, this problem does not end with the employment of counterfeiters, even if they find employment. More and more often we encounter the so-called precarization, ie work for a definite period. The employer often does not give birth to two people, so they will offer them a limited contract, until they have heard this claim.

In the age group of employees up to 29 years of age, 15 percent of contracts are for a definite period, in the category of over 60 years of age it is 27 percent.

Increasing according to precarization with its reasons. Old candidates must control the daily pace of companies and meet health and qualification limits. Both the employer and the job seeker are concerned about this. Therefore, on a contract with a limited time, they bloom. Many of them are the so-called sandwich generation, which takes care of adolescent children and also of old birth. Combining it all with a work harness is definitely not an easy wheel, even a toolbox.

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