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Pete tells the children a fairy tale, plays with them and goes home at twelve. So kik a pl, force the kids to eat and get them. Is work a dream come true or a dream?

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There was an accident here. Zuzko, take care of him, please contact Zuzana Prochzková. In the circle from losk, it works like a praise for the little ones. She joined the company fifteen years ago as a railroad. At the same time, I took a ron course for an assistant teacher and this year a sophistication exam for children until the beginning of compulsory school attendance, k. He works full-time from eight to twelve hours. We will go to the children to go to bed, in the afternoon the teacher will manage on her own.

editor Eva Zemanov praises her praise: There are a total of 19 children at the time, of which three are two years old, the others are a year old. The demands and possibilities of the little ones are full of other than the young ones, even without the help of a shiver, the teacher would only be able to handle it. Although the obligation to accept children from the age of two will apply and from 2020, we are now supplementing the number with them.

Vibration test

In order for Zuzana Prochzkov to work as a college student, she had to qualify and pass a difficult exam. She chose from two specializations: praise for children in the compulsory school attendance and praise for children’s corners. And so she had to decide whether to pass the entire course or just pass the exam at an authorized person.

Thanks to previous practice, Zuzana could choose the second variant. It was a lot and the experience with the children helped me, I also used it during the exam itself, when I described how I managed the specific situation, he explains.

The rigidity of the exam is also confirmed by the editor: Given that it is only a matter of helping the teacher, the theory is really a lot. The reason for the advantage in this profession is also the fact that he praises with this qualification I can work independently and take care of children in a private household, not only help in the maternity round.

Zaplat is ad prce?

If you are out of work and would like to work like that, you can turn to work. If it is a training program that includes not only theory and practice, but such a perverted exam, it can be paid as a requalified course for fulfilling the conditions given by the employment law. In the case of a separate test, this is not possible, explains Milue Trefancov from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs R.

The contribution to the course was given to the two employees and the editor of the Karelian bowling alley in the framework of the qualification program. Unfortunately, she was quite rejected, preference was given to jobless applicants. That is why Mr. Prochzkov chose only an exam with one seminar, notes Eva Zemanov.

ance i for women after fifties

Last year, the ad R R included in the retraining course a course for children for the compulsory school attendance and a course for children’s corners for a total of 150 people, of which 149 were women.

It is also suitable for women who are often looking for a new job. One year old, we dedicate our 50 years of age to everyone when they are employed. But this does not mean that retraining courses cannot be completed even by young people, adds Milue Trefancov.

As of June 31 this year, there were a total of 155 vacancies for the position of childcare workers in out-of-court facilities and households. the vibration will grow.

I can’t imagine how we would handle it without a hitch. Two-year-olds do not get attention for as long as they do, but the mother of the bike must work according to the collective education program. So she takes care of the least, entertains them and the teacher keeps me going. He had children so he needed help with clothes, food and a number of other things. A helping hand is really needed in such moments, the director of the stamp Eva Zemanov.

You must have a relationship with the children

According to Zuzana Prochzkov, it is very important that the person interested in the work has a relationship with the children. It can’t be said that you’re just going to get a pension. The hunter has to prepare for the fact that some of the children will not fit you, even though he has to find his way to him. Contact him with questions about how their daughter or son is doing. Sometimes it’s quite mentally nron, he points out and adds: In the groups I was preparing for the exam with, there were most people with a similar experience with children as I had. There was a cook in the wheel. Then there were the mothers, who rode her parents, and they decided to work as a vagina.

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