Under the agreement, there are hundreds of employees. And then it’s no wonder

Mr. Radka was signed by his employer to sign the agreement. She worked as a telephone operator and had a fixed-term employment contract. The company closed the branch, it worked. Otherwise, I was threatened with the immediate termination of my employment. In this way, two colleagues before were dismissed, Radka describes the situation when she signed the agreement.

Then she found out that, by signing the agreement, she had lost her severance pay and had given the benefits for which she had a final decision.

Hundreds of employees find themselves in the same or similar situation as Mr. Radka. The employer must sign the notice of agreement, and there is no such thing in the first place. The agreement is only the tool of the employer, as the employees of the company Vae nroky.cz, Petr Novk, point out to the employees that they have written the claims they have first.

How is it possible that the employer submitted Mr. Radce to sign the notices by agreement, when nothing like this is first known?
According to the agreement, the first d. The main thing is that employees do not know their first and do not miss the trick that some employers resort to to learn. The notice of agreement is usually a title, which can mask the classic agreement on termination of employment. At the same time, employees can feel that this is a question and must be accepted. However, if he supports it, he will deprive himself of some benefits, which are connected with the help of the employer, for example, payment of severance pay or full benefit in unemployment benefits.

What should anyone who gets into a similar situation as Mr. Radka know?
In fact, there are only two basic ways to terminate an employment relationship. Either by a voluntary decision of both parties and thus by agreement, or by a decision of one party, ie by the party. The agreement is often unsuitable for employees, as it is automatically assumed that it was signed voluntarily and with your consent. The fact that the employee does not know all the consequences that follows is not taken into account.

Mr. Radka did not notice when signing the agreement, although the reason for termination of employment is not stated or stated. How did it have an impact?
If the signing of an agreement upon termination of employment is inappropriate in many cases, then the situation is inappropriate when such an agreement does not state the reason for termination of employment. Unemployment benefits are reduced by 15% in the first two months and by 5% in the next two months. The employee should therefore make sure that the reason, which is not on his part, is stated in the agreements.

I can get these first ones because they know that the agreement was written for so-called external reasons. Among those pat nap. pe o dt at the age of up to 4 years, pe o another person recognized as a person vertical in II., III. or IV. degree, or for other external personal reasons, such as ethical, moral and non-feminine reasons, or reasons worthy of special consideration (these are considered by the work). If, moreover, the stated reason for termination of employment by agreement was the same as the reason given by the end of the work at 52, then the employee would have the right to severance pay.

But what about the title change Vpov agreement? Isn’t such an agreement invalid?
If such an agreement is signed by the employee, unfortunately it cannot be argued that the agreement with the title Vpov agreement is invalid. The content of the first one, ie the document to be signed, is always important. If the first one is the nature of an agreement on termination of employment, it is automatically considered an agreement between the two parties, even if it is marked as a termination agreement.

But how to arm if the employer has given such an agreement to the employee?
If the employee disagrees with the statement, he should not sign the agreement or the so-called statement by agreement. The agreement has the character of a contract and, if not signed by two parties, is invalid.

What will the employer ever threaten and insist on svm. How about the elite?
The employee does not have to react to the agreement. If he did not violate the work in any way, the employer will be forced to engage in relations with all its institutes, ie, for example, agreed severance pay. Signing an agreement is suitable for employees only in one case, if he wants to quickly leave his current position, for example, because he has found another job.

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