Urban wants it from diesel, the ministry is against

The new Minister of Industry, Milan Urban, will try to enforce the tax rate on fuel. This should ensure lower prices, which are now at record highs. But the Ministry of Finance refuses.

“Nothing has changed in our rejection. The arguments are still the same, ”said iDNES.cz Jakub Haas from the press department of the Ministry of Finance. He added that the main reason for rising prices is the global trend. esko therefore did not intend to interfere in this matter.

Urban is nevertheless trying to find a way to put this point on the House’s agenda so that it can be discussed now. “But I wouldn’t like to give me any gluttony that would be overwhelmed by criticism,” Urban TK said today.

Urban wants to reduce consumption by at least 2.50 crowns per liter. The Czech Television said on Sunday that it was reducing the value added tax on natural gas used for transport from 19 to nine percent, the agency said. Members should discuss the proposal in June.

Due to the strong crowns, the real price of fuel is often not abroad. However, the discount would not lead to a kenma result.

“Reducing taxes, and then making them cheaper, would be suitable for motorists, but it would mean demand. It would be a very short time, “said Ivan Indrek from the Society of Petrol Stations R. – tte Nafta is often expensive in the Czech Republic and not abroad

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