Vhru v lottery vtina taj. We consider 50,000 net worth of wealth

According to them, rich hunters can earn at least 50 thousand crowns. The property of a rich hunter should then have a value of at least ten million crowns. A survey by GfK Czech and Sazka found that most domestic winners in the world lottery lottery, half even in front of a partner.

How do people react when they have the trouble of winning a reversible mess and suddenly have millions in their accounts? Lottery millions have a lot of similar emotions at first. Most of them did not win at first, and repeatedly checked the salt. This is illustrated by a survey commissioned by Sazka for the first time in history.

In this case, it is not surprising to make sure and gradually absorb that everything really fits, that it is not a mistake or a misunderstanding, it has its own logic.

What follows is a bit surprising. Only a few people, only 13 percent of the elderly, claimed their unexpected joy in playing with their close ones, ie the closest family. And only 46 percent of winners shared this information with their husband and husband. But beware, for a game from five million crowns and it’s a duty, so to the end.

Keep secret with the lottery game, share the joy with your partners, but sometimes not even and keep it to yourself. In Great Britain or America, it is not clear that the winners become straight celebrities and their photos and stories are full of media, according to Veronika Diamantov, Sazka’s press talk.

He got a pension in his hand and had the prescription sent only to prove with a genuine ticket. Just how to safely store it? That’s the question, dream of balancing each other. More than half a million nm said that the ticket was blah. The game was held in vaults, banks, but also based on books, in the cellar or on the outside, the words of Sazka are approaching and at the same time: I recommend that you sign the ticket on the other hand. Sn risk is abused.

High winners don’t go for a pension right away, keep two or three weeks to think. That’s so that they can get up and think about how they retired.

An unexpected win is then fulfilled by most of them in secret. Newly living under 60 percent of them, aunt spends a hundred pensions on a new car and a quarter of an expression for the first time in their lives on vacation abroad. Only the lucky person, ie exactly 15 percent of them, went with the needs and also contributes to charity.

Whoever throws away is wrong. With regard to your acquired pensions, the new million will definitely not behave like this. He spends his pension meaningfully and hastened steps even in working life. Only three percent of the new million are grown to work, the vast majority (90 percent) go to work and do not meet the bottom of the ramp.

The exclusive probe also showed that the winning pension is often the character of the people. Just strengthen the character traits that the hunter in himself, explains psychologist Dalibor pok.

The unique probe carried out for Sazka by the Gfk Czech agency also mapped where, according to the standards, the limits of wealth are. The limit of wealth is about 50,000 crowns of a certain amount of income. Compared to 2009, this number has not changed, even though the average wage has increased by more than 20 percent over the last 8 years, to Veronika Diamantov.

Wealth from 10 million

According to the survey, the value of the wealth of a rich hunter is most often 10 million crowns. However, only a small number of Czechs consider themselves rich. Most often, they are people from the age category of 50 and 65 years. Kristina Hanuov from the GfK Czech agency explains enough pensions to fulfill her dreams, for her ends and travel.

And how many people have a desire to get rich? It is quite high, with millions in total of 71 out of a hundred. This idea lk o nco vce mue ne eny. The biggest wish to get rich is to get people under 30 from vtch cities and singles.

Just like in 2009, this year you also think that the rich have a lot more trouble going to get richer, have more fun and also freedom. On the other hand, according to them, people have free time and love to move.

There is still strong skepticism in society about how rich people get their wealth. Half of the people cited dishonesty, lords or corruption as their rich way. According to the research, the uncertain path to wealth is legally entrepreneurial, winning the lottery, inheritance and thus discovery or invention. Winning a lottery, such as Sportka, is a way to retire for 85 percent of the people, says Veronika Diamantov from Sazka.

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