Vkyvy na trzch fondm svd

The Czech stock exchange underwent a week-long-awaited correction, for which the pharmaceutical company Zentiva paid the most. The world stock markets were affected mainly by the development of the dollar exchange rate and the price of oil. Volatility in the market of house funds did not matter at all, and the overwhelming majority wrote a positive assessment.

The week’s impact on world markets was marked by stagnation or even a fall in prices, which was mainly due to the rising price of oil (growth and to the level of $ 50 per barrel). Other factors were unfavorable macro data and, of course, the constantly declining dollar.

On Wednesday, however, the mood of the investor changed significantly, when in particular the price of oil began to fall sharply (below the end of the week below $ 43 per barrel). The market was helped by some better than expected macroeconomic results, and the technology sector was mostly supported by Intel, which improved its view of the current quarter. By the end of the week, the markets slowed down the unexpected results from the labor market in just a few mountains, but even that did not endanger the overall good weekly results (DJIA+0,67 %, Nasdaq +2,24 %, S&P 500 +0,76 %).

The stock market was hit by a long-awaited sharp correction at the arrest of the week, the second half of the week was in full swing, and by the end of the week the stock market had again reached its maximum. Many titles recorded so strongly volatiln tden. Zentiva honored the sharp decline last week after receiving an investment recommendation. The share price fell well below the 700 K level and even though it attacked this limit again by the end of the week, it ended the week with a loss (-4.7%). A large sales order knocked down Philip Morris shares, and Unipetrol did not avoid a week-on-week decline this time around.

On the contrary, Komern banka, which was bought mainly by foreign investors, presented itself with sharp growth. This week, EZ was not helped either by the investment recommended or the involvement in the privatization of the Romanian distribution of Electrica Oltenia, so EZ ended the week with only modest growth. The Czech Telecom was in a similar situation, its privatization will take place in a combined manner.

The funds drank

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The good results on the equity markets were thus reflected in the performance of equity funds. And with one exception, they all rose, with the fund doing best PI biotechnology pharmacy (+1.96%), v tsnm zvsu se drel PI new economy (+ 1.80%). Given the development of the oil market, it is not surprising that the only one he lost was the first fund PI ropnho a energetickho prmyslu (-2.36%). In addition to good performance, the equity fund also managed to raise investors and total sales this week in the amount of +19.8 million – mainly due to the fund ISS Sporotrend (+27.9 thousand. K).

The bond fund, which recorded a positive weekly appreciation without exception, thus performed well. The fund brought the best value to its investors ISS Trendbond (+ 0.50%), which is a good result, especially in Central European bonds. On European bonds rely so kind in poad, fund ISS Bondinvest (+ 0.50%). Despite the good performance, however, the bond funds are not a good investor, as evidenced by the disputed sales for this week (a total of -45.5 million CZK).

Last year, the fund’s funds recorded the same sales, in the total amount of -5.2 million K. At the very opposite end in the statistics of net sales are the funds of the money fund, which wrote the same sales in the week +167, 4 million K. The fund wrote the most this week IKS Penn trh (+11.6 ml. K) and moved to

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a kind of traditional town ISS Sporoinvest (+69.6 million K). That bag last week exceeded 10 billion. K. of the same finger property since the arrest of this year. Money market funds have maintained the classic standard.

Most of the funds with questionable performance elapsed a week appeared among the funds of shifts, on the other hand, among the shifts of funds there is a fund with the best performance, specifically a fund Akro mezinrodn flexibiln (2.35%). As for those istch sales, most with dailo fund IKS Balancovan (+16.7 million K). In total, the shift funds recorded sales in the amount of 5.9 million K.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesPI farm. a biotech.1,96%PI rop. a energ.-2,36%
PI new economy1,80%IKS Svtovch index0,14%
SOB stock mix1,09%ISS-SPOROTREND0,50%
BondsISS-TRENDBOND0,50%ISS-S korp. dluhopisov0,02%
ISS-BONDINVEST0,50%PI corp. bond0,05%
SOB Bond Mix0,45%ivnobanka-Nadan0,16%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund0,22%
Pennho MarketISS SPOROINVEST0,11%PI Penn0,04%
IKS Penn trh0,07%ivnobanka-Sporokonto0,01%
SOB entries0,05%
SmenAKRO medzinr. flexible2,35%PI Smen-0,08%
UNDER stedoevropsk1,52%J&T Opportunity SKK-0,03%
IKS Balancovan1,01%AKRO rules. dividend0,00%
is sales of mil. KIKS Penn trh111,6SOB Kvanto kor. bonds-25,3

Zdroj: UNIS

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Among ING funds, it is traditionally the most common equity fund in certain sales. A clear part was the specific fund of ING Czech shares with net sales in the amount of 28.1 million K. In total, ING funds recorded net sales in the amount of 43.8 million K.

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