Vnon brigda for two hundred an hour? Nothing out of the ordinary this year

Whoever finds a brigda this year, the sun has set out. The supply of work is extremely wide, on the contrary, the number of recipients is minimal. And so companies increase rewards. Compared to the lot by 25 percent. How free are the cities and where do you want to earn the most, according to HR?

If you want to make a living this year, you can enjoy a drink and 200 crowns an hour. The benefits also await those who work all the agreed shifts on the first part of the brigade. There is also two wages.

The hourly wage on external brigades is around 85 crowns, for example, various auxiliary manual works. Vtina nabdek bag exceeds the limit of one hundred crowns. Brigds with an hourly rate of 200 crowns are no exception. You can find them in contact centers, where there are big bonuses for performance. Similar work can be done working in the most developed logistics centers, to Tom Surka, director of personnel consulting company McRoy for Central and Entrance Europe.

According to Surka, some of my usual brigds, such as the position of IT tester, can be used to produce more than 300 K per hour.

And while the job seeker is small, there will be plenty. According to Frantisek Jaree from the Student Agency, the demand for workers is 30% higher than in 2016. Retailers are looking for cashiers, people for additional goods or as helpers to hell.

E-shops have the biggest requirements, you are looking for brigdnky for packaging and shipping. In addition to orders for sales assistants in shopping centers, telephone opersi shnj people on the order line, so we are looking for candidates for the sale and sale of carp, kFrantiek Jare from the agency Student.

He also talks about high hourly rewards. However, brigades attacking 200 crowns are usually conditioned by a high number of criteria that must be met: safety-free, performance, error rate, exchange rate, etc. Also, only a few percent of brigdnk receive such a salary. However, in marketing, this has been the case: a brigade and 200 K / h is better than a brigda from 130 K / h, add František Jare.

The vacant cities are to be occupied this year. Students do not have as much of an impression as two, which is the bottom and their low sweat. The population aged 20 is significantly less than 6 years ago, by about 30 thousand people. On the contrary, people who have their employees, but need to live before Christmas, show more interest. Among those interested in a brigade, mothers and mothers are on parental leave, pensioners and, for example, people with executions.

For some part-time workers, a temporary contract represents an opportunity to gain full-time employment. Tom Surka from McRoy adds when the employee before the Christmas Day, the company would soon rush with such an offer, adds Tom Surka from McRoy.

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