We will hire new people at the end of the year, tell the employer

The employer in the Czech Republic is fulfilling five new employees. Bn bv at the end of the year in nborovch aktivitch weak, but in 2018 it will not apply. From Manpower’s regular survey of 750 employers in the private and public sectors, optimism.

The first quarter of the year was always the worst period in terms of employment. Companies offer fewer job listings and their recruitment activities are low even in the workplace. In 2018, however, such a forecast will probably not be woven.

According to the current results of the ManpowerGroup market index, the employer in the Czech Republic is working optimistically full for the first month of the year. Six percent of employers are expected to increase the number of workers, three percent predict a reduction in the number of workers, 91% of employees do not anticipate a change or not yet.

This is the most optimistic forecast for the first quarter of the entire history of our survey in the country, which since 2008, to Jaroslav Rezlerov, CEO of ManpowerGroup esk and the Slovak Republic. We have the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. Also, whether companies will look for colleagues in other countries or will relocate their work to other countries, it is a question, adds Jaroslav Rezlerov.

Vacancies will be in construction and finance

Most drinking women intend to carry out companies in the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water. Vacancies will also be in construction and in finance and insurance. On the contrary, the weakest activities are performed by companies in the field of hostels and canteens. The rest of the industry remains relatively stable. As far as the region is concerned, companies in the Czech Republic and Prague will benefit the most. In Moravia, the eye has weakened slightly.

In the survey, employers are divided into those categories according to size. Micro-enterprises with up to 10 employees, companies with 10 to 49 employees, medium from 50 to 249 employees and then large over 250 employees. Recruit stupid companies with these categories, however, these names are more important.

The number of large companies with more than 250 employees that will be recruited has grown significantly, mostly in the automotive and electrical engineering industry, logistics and customer service, where it is still difficult to find suitable employees even in unskilled jobs. First, there is the greatest pressure on wage growth, adds Jaroslav Rezlerov.

Optimism beyond the borders

The results of a survey conducted by ManpowerGroup each quarter in a total of 43 countries around the world are generally positive. The employer in the monitored 41 countries is expected to increase the number of labor.

The employer in Australia, Japan, Norway, Poland, Romania and the United States has the strongest job force in the last 5 years and according to. As a result, it is clear that the decline in the degree of instability in some countries, especially in Brazil, India.

Although we believe that the companies in our country are optimistic about the forecast, they are and intend to grow, compared to other countries we are among the most pessimistic. And for many years, adds Jaroslav Rezlerov, according to them, the national nature also plays a role.

The survey took place at the age of 55. It is based on a survey of 59 thousand employers from both the public and private sectors. The question is: How do you expect the total number of employees in your company to change in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the current quarter?


Nborov activities of companies for the 1st quarter of 2018

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