What all is good to know about compulsory liability

Is it known how the obligatory liability actually works? What can be paid for it, how do the codes not apply and how to proceed when you cause an accident?

If you drive most likely to have a car on the road, you must therefore be liable for liability for the code caused by the operation of the vehicle. And it doesn’t have to be just a classic accident where two or more cars collide. This also means situations where you beat a neighbor by a fence post or sound publicly lit. A variant is to go vc.

For example: back up and crash into a passenger who shows you where to go. He has a backpack with a laptop on the walls, when he falls right on it in the tar and breaks it. Vclav Blek from esk pojiovny pipout that even this type of code can be paid in accordance with the business conditions of the binding company. If you hit the passenger bag with your fingers in two, you have a contract, which is not necessarily covered by the ruen.

And that the connection is not only common in these men and women, as evidenced by Vclav Blek on the example of a Jeep car. Recently, one motorist announced an insurance event. His son drank a Jeep Grand Cherokee car with a friend. The result of their outage was code on those other vehicles, five fenced gardens, concrete gas mains and a dustbin. the driver and co-driver ran away and found them and the handler with a service dog. During the orienteering breath test, they both inhaled more than 1.3 per mille of alcohol, moreover, they were only eight years old and did not have an ID card for a small motorcycle, first Vclav Blek.

esk pojiovn reported the owner of the car, ie the father of the idea, the code as follows: A son and a friend drank our car, crashed with it, and because they were in the eye, they ran into other properties. And how did it turn out? From the obligatory ruins of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the insurance company paid the code for damage, but then asked the owner of this vehicle for it due to alcohol and the absence of an ID card. It was not a small piece, add Vclav Blek.

When are you vink

Most accidents have a classic look, which means that two or more cars meet. How to proceed in such cases? First of all, it is paid that the castle is from the obligatory liability of the accident. He also loses the bonus, the discount on the insurance premium, or falls into the so-called malus, ie pirates to the basic rates. Bad on how he drove before the accident (whether he had a bonus or not).

At present, it is not necessary to call the police for traffic accidents, during which no one was injured, no injuries were caused and the code on some of the vehicles did not exceed the limit of five thousand crowns. If they are unable to agree on who caused the collision or who is to blame, it is better to blame the police. Be the first to insist. Hledka will write a police report that you will sign.

If you do not agree with his acquaintance, do not sign it, but bring it into your gate or your own edition. The police then decide to investigate who was the vink and who was ob. Do not forget to register the license plates of other crashed vehicles, the names and addresses of their owners and drivers, or witness to a traffic accident.

Make a note of accidents and guilt and have it signed. There is no drawing with the city of the city and a list of damaged cars, Vclav Blek points out. If you are at fault, report the accident immediately. They should advise you on the telephone line of the insurance company on how to proceed exactly. And what about a broken car? Its correction, including funding, is on vs. You can pay for it from the accident insurance, if you have it.

Be careful, it is not always possible to go to a cheaper one

Don’t be fooled like you are

What to do when you have an accident without your own fault? Re-pay what in the first case, in the case of accidents with codes up to 50,000 crowns without injury you do not have to call the police. If your bag is to be properly cleaned, brew it. Do not forget to write the license plate of the vehicle, name, address and birth number that caused the accident, and together fill in the form Form of accident, which is usually part of the contract for compulsory insurance or accident insurance.

This document is therefore good to drive permanently in cars. You can fill it in at the place you agree, or you will know the meaning of the drawing on the same frame. Also write down the names and addresses of witnesses or other participants in the accident. You should also find out for which connection factor the accident is agreed, and contact this insurance company directly. There, they should advise you on how long to proceed and thus communicate how long you will receive the pension.

Even for the columns, you pay

Compulsory liability can be used to pay for property damage, often such as a public lighting pole, fences, house walls or railings. In such a case, always call the police for accidents. For example, if you have damaged a family house, you will pay (your insurance company) to the owner of the property, when you have, for example, come across a public railing. It is best to report the code on the client line, or in writing to the address of the insurance company.

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