What ever fails the fuse

Reasonable and angry. Such emotions were evoked in Jan Hrabovský’s life insurance today. While others have made this type of life easier, they are left with only the feeling of a very poorly invested pension.

Of the nine hundred thousand that Jan Hrabovsk sent to Amcico AIG Life in less than six years, he will receive 280 thousand crowns back. So much and so-called sales. He decided to terminate his insurance thirteen years before that time, not to end. The reason? You saw that it was inappropriate. Ask yourself, because he did not find out the conditions of the insurance before dark, he did not sign the contract.

Jak k, as the company did not orientate himself in the financial situation, and therefore he took the help of an expert of OVB’s financial advisor. He demanded that he find him a product suitable for savings and at the same time an insurance policy that could be provided by leasing for medical equipment. I warned the counselor that I was allowed to, so I don’t need to secure anyone in case anything happens to me, to Jan Hrabovsk.

A representative of the consulting company OVB offered a life insurance company Amcico AIG Life. He argued for the first time with an input of 11 percent. He constantly emphasized that the funds invested would be valued quickly, added.

Rada za vechny penze

This year, Jan Hrabovsk began to wonder how his 800 thousand crowns were, which he sent in six years (each quarter of the year about 39 thousand). What he learned made him happy. The employee of the insurance company told him that at present he has a year for sales of 280 thousand crowns and that in six years the money has increased by six thousand crowns.

Jan Hrabovsk figured out that in twenty years the field has more than five million crowns, the amount that the state can pay him after twenty years according to the contract, and two million crowns plus inputs. And they were far from what he had hoped for. I started to know that I had not closed a good deal, k. I was also confirmed by a member of the insurance company. In a telephone conversation, after I poured out my case, she said that I had been offered a fully bad product, first Jan Hrabovsk.

V em tkv problem? The counselor recommended a service that was not suitable for the doctor. Life insurance is not a classic computing product, as it sometimes sounds from TV commercials. All the more inappropriate, when it covers the high risks of the case of Jan Hrabovsky. OVB advisor with bag: I chose the type of insurance based on the client’s requirements. When he took out insurance, he had to buy a house for five million in full within five years. We wrote the requirements and the client signed under them. He recommended the insurance in connection with the mortgage to be fulfilled.

But Dr. Hrabovsk insists: I just wanted to spoit and secure the lease. Other measures to finance housing with a mortgage combined with life insurance is not an excuse for a financial advisor. A mortgage combined with life insurance is unsuitable for a client in 99 cases, according to experts.

Co and vpoty

For Jan Hrabovsky, instead of capital insurance policies, an insurance policy would be enough to protect the risk. He would not drink anything through it, but it would be much cheaper. And the remaining pension could invest in other ways, such as mutual funds and pension funds. For example: he would pay a total of almost 84 thousand crowns for a risk insurance policy at esk pojiovny, which would provide two million vr. If he left the pension (about 10 thousand msn) on a term deposit, he would save 725 thousand after six years.

An? vpov

Lka terminated the insurance at Amcico AIG Life. You can pay for the payment of less than 300 thousand crowns in sales. It was extremely een, I tried to negotiate with the insurance company. I argued that the OVB consultant had misled the mind. I gave an explanation and a correction. The insurance company rejected the client’s objections. Like the counselor himself.

OVB’s representative Vladimír Martincov warns that the company’s clients, who have reservations in the work of a consultant, can turn to the advertiser. Dodv, e een such ppad vak bv sloit. Even because most consultants are not employed by the company, most of them cooperate externally.

Dalmatia is a place where cases of unsuitable contracts can be resolved, such as professional organizations such as the Association of Czech Binding Macros (APM) or the Association of Financial Intermediaries and Financial Advisers of the Czech Republic (AFIZ). Clients can also send their comments to the Czech Association of Connectors (AP).

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