When it comes to work, employees have a strong influence, as do experts

People who have to make long journeys to work tend to be more nervous and dissatisfied. They are stressed. Lost time, late arrivals, conflicts between passengers, what longer to go on the way to work defects? And how do the negatives mature?

A recent British study of a series for national statistics revealed the negatives that come with it. Experts, who have been published by Regus, also pay in the Czech Republic. Less than a million people travel to work every day. Half of them move to another district, or region, and also spend an hour or so on the road. Whatever you do the most and how to deal with negative emotions.


In order for the people to get to you, stay under pressure. they cannot influence a number of things on the road, it is unpredictable that another day hurts another hell. Studies show that people with a long range to work (more than half an hour) suffer from aunt’s more depressions than people who have it to work. And 40 percent more often have financial problems that do not add to a good mood.

Lost as

People who spend only a full hour or less on the way to work get seven days of productive time in a year compared to those who travel according to them. There is neither productive working hours nor personal free time. On the contrary, it is often perceived as a nuisance, due to which we should not engage in more or less activities.

Karel Peln, Director of Regus for R and SR, comments: The time is running out. It is alarming that most employees consider everyday travel to be a problem in terms of productivity and that they cannot spend this time on personal or leisure activities. The progress of a company that wants to achieve optimal productivity and provide employees with more time for private life, certainly do not make the mistake of allowing their employees to work from home or at least to home during working hours.

Get rid of the stalks

You can’t always get to work. Buses and trains often have a downpour due to all the pins, from working on the road to traffic accidents and to a lack of staff and bad weather. And the late march is not exactly something that the employer should manage, and with apologies and prolonged work, the people get into an awkward situation again.

A fellow traveler with an idea

Passengers on public transport often know passengers who take their seats on a busy train with their own, play music out loud, or make loud phone calls. And have them up to your neck. On the roads, people’s blood pressure rises again, who use their mobile phone to their ears, drive aggressively or do not use turn signals.


And to get to life, we pay a fortune for all the stress and inconvenience on the road. Some companies employ their company cars, others contribute to transport, but most people pay their way with their pockets.


Stress associated with the arrival of an employee is tired not only mentally but also physically. It was found that one of the three workers, who travel to and from work for more than 90 minutes a day, suffers from back and neck pain. In addition, it takes us a long time to get there, so we spend less time practicing, cooking our own meals and sleep. And this, in turn, is related to the rate of obesity.

But it is necessary to change that during the day of low unemployment in the Czech Republic, companies start to fight for attractive locations. If you want to get the best employees, adapt to them and grow up not in the headquarters, but to create land in new locations, that is, to people. They want to ensure a competitive advantage by reducing travel time to work. For regular meetings, I also use, for example, our flexible offices, including a meeting at the flight when they have foreign visitors, adds Karel Peln.

Let’s control emotions, advice a psychologist

And how do the negatives come to work? We must realize that these stressful situations have two main characteristics: we do not have to control them, we can influence our internal reaction to n. It is only up to the choice of how this internal reaction will be. If these situations arise, disturb, perpetuate. Or let’s just let them be and pay attention to him, the advice of psychologist Dalibor pok.

According to him, many people are not aware of their power, with which they can decide before the dark, they do not know how to react, that they will not react in this way. Of course, when we are in the middle of anger or hard, the emotions turn off. It is a matter of deciding ahead and this decision you often remember, to a psychologist.

If we decide that we will not react to a little suffering according to emon and we will simply let them know in an equal way, not only something, let us know too much about our reaction. We can take into account what is happening (call, noise, pl dtte), but we don’t have to trigger the resulting emotion. Perception itself is not very pleasant or unpleasant. This and our mylenkov evaluated and emotions more annoying, adds Dalibor pok.

It wants pr trnink. Help me meditan practice or another skill to work with consciousness. There is no bag in the rewards, at least a little of my own mind. And there is no tragic life, not one where, with a similar external stimulus, we have power over each other and thus become their slave. These negative stimuli will always exist and never disappear. They cannot be avoided. You can change your internal reaction to n, add Dalibor pok.

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