Where you can get a pension

Quick loans are offered by companies that outsource their services mainly to clients who have a crunch in the credit register and the bank does not accept them. years are so high that only the idea of ​​this type of loan is a risk.

Overdraft is a possibility to go to minus here to the minus. It is used to hell short-term financial shortages, when you don’t even have a crown and go into pay for a week. The overdraft is revolving, which means that the moment you settle the debt, you can draw the pension again. It is automatically paid from the payments that come to you, and is roen only as long as you are in the red.

  • And: a do 200 000 corundum
  • years: 10 to 18% ron
  • Maturity: do 6 a 12 msc
  • Highest risk: When the hell allowed the limit, the bank charges a high penle and 30 percent of the peerpans.

Credit card
The credit can be issued by the bank, but in cooperation with the company, or a merchant. The level limit you can draw is set on the card. If you repay the debt during the so-called good period, do not hide for years. If you do not follow the bezron period, usually pay for vr, not for any other.

  • And: 20 000 to 500 000 korun
  • years: 18 and 30% ron (watch the bank uvdj lpe looking msn years)
  • Maturity: 45 to 55 dn
  • Highest risk: When withdrawing from an ATM, the period is no longer valid, the years jump at the time of withdrawal.

Consumer loans in the bank
If your pension is for a specific amount, it is cheaper, but you must prove that you have actually used the funds for that day. For non-pjky loans in the year you increase by 1 and 2%. In addition to the year of the bank, they also conceal the fee for the invitation and first the case, some of which require that you open a long-term loan with them. It breaks through.

  • And: usually from 15,000 crowns
  • years: 7 to 15% ron
  • Maturity: 6 msc a 6 let
  • Highest risk: Loans are easily accessible if you download them all at once, there is a risk of problems with fulfillment.

American mortgage
The American mortgage is not suitable for real estate, but you can spend any pension. years rate bv o nco vy not for residential mortgages, but not for consumer incl. The risk for the bank is posed by the fact that the loan rute real estate. Potent with relatively high fees for approving enough and for leading here. The coincidence is del maturity, and 30 years.

  • And: usually from 150,000 K (according to the value of the property)
  • years: of 6% ron
  • Maturity: 3 a 20 let
  • Highest risk: If you do not repay the loan, you risk that the bank will confiscate your property.

Spltkov sale
In any store, you can buy goods from the companies of the company Multiservis, Home Credit or Cetelem. You choose, submit documents, pay the first installment, and take the selected goods home. You don’t even have to have a receipt confirmed for a cheap item. These wins are expensive bank loans, but they can be repaid without payment.

  • And: 3 000 to 100 000 korun
  • years: 0 to 25% ron
  • Maturity: 4 a 50 msc
  • Highest risk: If you only pay the debt a day later and you will miss a hundred crowns, you will spend high years.

Quick pjky
These are loans to the house, as offered, for example, by Profireal or companies that advertise your services on pillars. Focus mainly on clients who have some crunch in the credit register and the bank does not give them. You risk having the bag paid n-leit. Other conditions are also problematic. AZ-Finance will offer you up to 30 thousand, only the property will be secured.

  • And: 3,000 and hundreds of thousands
  • years: vtinou neuvdj, but RPSN hrav peshne 100%
  • Maturity: by company
  • Highest risk: years are so high that only the idea of ​​this type of loan is a risk.
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