Which bank sweated its clients, which disappointed them

Let’s see how the new year 2006 brought in the banking sector. There were many of them, but only for them they meant a real shift forward. Do you know what your bank first paid to its clients last year?

Year 2006 in brief
Last year’s meeting was in the spirit of the accession of other banks to the Code of Breeding between banks and their clients. Esk spoitelna and Raiffeisenbank joined him in January, and HVB Bank went in April.

The level of relatively calm waters of the banking sector was developed in a new survey by the banknipoplatky.com portal for the most absurd fee. It determined its weight, it became a fee for an outgoing payment. The first reactions of banks to each other did not take long.

In the summer months, the question of the security of Internet banking saw itself again, as a result of a successful attack on a client of Komern banka (there was an unjustified withdrawal of funds). Later, esk spoitelna also admitted to attacking all its clients.

The autumn brought with it one banking cash, which until now was known only from abroad, to the banking market. It was introduced on the Czech banking market by SOB and Potovn spoitelna in Albert stores and in Hypernova hypermarkets.
Among the autumn events, Raiffeisenbank and its successful acquisition of eBanka cannot be overlooked either.

At the end of the summer, new security features of electronic banking were introduced at the end of the summer, to ensure a better way of protecting clients using remote access. The measures were introduced by both Komern banka and esk spoitelna, as well as many other banks. December then tested the internet banking systems of individual banks. Not only internet banking esk spoitelny experienced problems, but also SOB and Potovn spoitelny.

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The most significant changes – the security of internet banking and acquisitions
esk spoitelna (S) last year introduced new mandatory security features for the Servis 24 Internetbanking authorized SMS service, a security key for clients without a certificate and an authenticated calculator, and thus monitoring the change of the mobile phone.

From last year, clients of electronic banking S can now pay for the fees from here. The bank has introduced entries in electronic form. A novelty was also the possibility of changing the PIN at ATM S. In the autumn, jet S reduced the client’s responsibility in the event of the loss of a payment card and, on the contrary, spreads the misuse of the card.

UNDER At first, it unified the opening hours of most of its branches and from summer it stopped collecting a fee for a pedestrian entry with student students. From August, it offers its clients insurance against inability to pay (insurance in case of death, full disability, incapacity for work and loss of employment). From November, clients of SOB and Potovn spoitelny can also withdraw cash at the Albert cash registers and the Hypernova hypermarket.

Customers Potovn spoitelny (PS) with electronic banking have access to entries from here and in electronic form from summer. They were the first to drink for a fee for outgoing payments. PS clients also have access to a communication channel, namely active telephone banking.

Komern bank In the very water of the year, she was surprised by the range of services provided by ATMs, specifically by the information on the balance here and the end of the validity of the holder’s payment card. In the summer months, the bank introduced, as well as a number of others, gave the security element of internet banking – authorized SMS when necessary for all active transactions. As an aunt, it has offered a specialized product to consolidate the bundles of Optimal Loans.

The most important event of last year in Raiffeisenbank Undoubtedly, a purchase agreement was signed in lt and the acquisition was completed in the autumn eBanks. Both banks have taken similar steps, e.g. they both deleted from their tariffs the fee for domestic incoming payments. The latest innovation was the sale of Raiffeisenbank credit cards to eBanka’s clients.

GE Money Bank Last year, it introduced electronic entries, for all its clients, and expanded the Internet Bank’s security with a mobile key. It introduced a type of specialized product into the banking market as a type of consolidation to consolidate volumes called Loan Consolidation.

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On the other hand, it can only be stated that the year 2006 brought a number of novelties, of which only some meant a real shift forward. An example of a change in a positive sense is cashback, which spreads the possibilities of a simple and cheap approach to funds in the ordinary. Cashback at the full bank and other banks. The exact opposite is a specialized product for consolidating volumes, which banks offer as a novelty, but certainly not. The two of them could be bundled with the use of other consumer, including

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