Who can help me

The first thing you should do when it looks like you won’t be in payment is to contact the institution for a long time. Try to negotiate a postponement or a dream installment. But you must have a reason for it and not every creditor to comply with it, it is not his duty. Contact you if you let go of the last reminder, the willingness of the creditor to help me will be diminished.

Are you worried that you will soon get into trouble with fulfillment, and you don’t want to end up homeless? Do not close before the problem oi, go for advice.

If you have a loan, you can try to see if it would not be appropriate for all of them to serve in one roll and pay only one suitable installment, this is the so-called consolidation.

There are also counseling centers for debts
The time when you pay now, but grow to stay on the pension or you drank at work, is ideal for nvtv citizenship counseling. Do not be afraid to seek the advice of an expert, it’s free, to the chairwoman of the SPES association Andrea Bhlkov. Make an appointment in the counseling center (see Contacts) and write all the documents related to your debts. So signed contracts, reminders, bailiffs.

Depending on the extent of the debt and the creditor, the advisers will then propose a comprehensive full settlement. One of them is the return of goods to the installments, to Michal Kaderka, speak of the Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaus.

We will develop a fully managed household. First, we examine the ingestion. Let’s look for the possibility of a beer, someone in the family, who would be willing to start a long time. And so it happens that the client has a year for social doors, which he does not teach yet, is completed by Andrea Bhlkov.

The consultants in the counseling center will help to prepare the payer and look for the possibility together with the client on how to work with debts and gradually enable them.

In addition, you will receive advice on how to get alive, if your former partner does not pay, where to inquire about the possibility of social housing and in which centers to get information about a single relationship.

Help with dealers
Even if the EU has been prosecuted against them, it is not too late to offer a decision and agree on a good one. It is possible to suggest a postponement of her execution, especially when you got into delay without guilt, either for health reasons.

Not sure you can handle it? We will write letters together with which the client could not cope, Andrea Bhlkov assures. We do not give a discount on the debt, but we have experience that if someone has their debts through counseling, the creditors are accommodated. Prepare you a suitable installment calendar, because he reads that the long man really tries to solve his problems, adds Michal Kaderka.

Most importantly, do not drink again
In the bottom case, do not take the loans to pay off the debt, this is really the way to hell. Banks probably do not drink, because you will find in the registry that you have problems with compliance. Various doubtful usury companies who are not interested in your payment order, and do not even want a day of proof of income, including loans, but for such years that they will hold their breath. You will never get out of debt like this.

What to do when you long
■ Do not ignore problems, do not disappear by themselves. Contact the lender immediately and explain them to you.
■ You know especially the debts that could cause you to lose money over your head and your energy supply.
■ Remember that your lender prefers regular payments rather than irregular payments, which will be difficult for everyone to manage.
■ Always reply to letters from the principal or court orders.
■ Keep copies of all correspondence, notes, your family budgets, payment schedules, etc.
■ Advocate for court proceedings and carry with you all correspondence regarding the case of your current family budget.
■ Do not give up attempts to reach an agreement, even if you reject your water proposals.
■ Do not be pressured or voluntarily manipulated into promises that you cannot keep.
■ Do not take pensions to meet old debts. This applies in particular to credit cards or cards for payments in stores.
■ Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice, it’s free.

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Pay more than one loan
Will you meet several different loans and the sum of all your payments is at the limit of your financial possibilities? eenm me bt debts so-called consolidate. The essence is that you take one new loan, which pays all old debts once, and then pays the entire amount to a single creditor. With this step, not only will you get rid of expensive loans that you would not take again, but you can extend the maturity of the new house and thus dream of a longer family budget. Don’t forget, however, that creditors may incur penalty fees for early repayment of old creditors.

The banks specializing in the financing of old loans are offered by the three banks: Bawag Bank, GE Money Bank and Komern banka. You can consolidate consumer loans, debts from installment sales, credit cards and overdrafts. You have to load two in this situation before you get into problems with fulfillment. All the named banks make the provision of a valid payment order conditional.

You can rent from 20 to 500 thousand crowns and the maturity vr ranges from one year to 10 years. Don’t forget that you will pay according to it, so pay everything in years, you should set the installments in such a way. The annual rate for consolidating companies ranges from 7.15 to 9.90 percent, as they did not differ significantly from ordinary consumer loans. Only pay for a contract at Bawag Bank, as a percentage of the volume. Led by vrovho here vs will cost 40 and 80 crowns msn.

GE’s novelty is the consolidation of secured real estate, but de facto it is nothing more than a US mortgage. The difference is that GE, when assessing its ability to meet unpaid installments, will achieve a higher US mortgage. If the rate varies according to the volume of the loan, for example in the amount of 200 and 499 thousand crowns, pay the year 7.59 percent.

You should definitely monitor the percentage of the deposit rate, not sign a loan agreement. It expresses the total cost of the loan, including not only multi-year rates, but also all fees and insurance associated with the loan. m is the APR you, tm is vr dra. Due to the uniform sweat, according to the APR, you can easily compare several loans with each other.

vrov registry: Registers (banking BRKI, non-banking NRKI and long-term registry SOLUS) are databases in which their members of the bank, leasing and non-banking companies collect data about their clients. Through them, potential creditors can find out if, at the time of the child’s return, you do not have much other debt and, if so, how to pay.

years rate: year expresses the value you will have to pay in addition to the amount paid. The data does not include related fees and the provider will state it for different periods of time, year, week, etc.

Coefficient name: Make a ratio between the one you ask for and the one you end up paying the creditor. In other words, it shows how much you pay for the year and the fee. When two loans have the same coefficient increased, but different maturities, the one you will meet for a longer period is suitable.

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