Wichterle: Even the dog nepze reimu completed the invention that changed the world

Luxury cars with the Wikov and worldwide marks are known for the invention of nylon and contact eyes. This also belongs to the famous Prostjov family Wichterlovch.

Pbh of the famous Prostjov family belongs to Frantik Wichterle. In 1878 in Prostjov opened a long house for the production of agricultural machinery. She worked in twenty years. After all these years, he built a new land for the company, for another six he bought a competing factory.


Frantiek made over for plowing, sec machines, mills and later steam engines. He died in 1891. The company was taken over by his sons Lambert and Karel. On the threshold of the 20th century, business rose again. The construction work in the plant took place almost constantly, describes Zuzana Kenkov in the book Industrial Topography of the Olomouc Region.

The factory produced a wide range of machines, steam boilers and locomotives, and later petrol and diesel engines. Before the first wolf, more than a thousand employees worked in the company, says Kenkov.

In 1918, the Wichters joined the F. & J. Kovk machine plant. The largest agricultural machinery factory in Czechoslovakia was established. That’s not the end of the bag. In 1924, a car, later a tractor, began production, including Kenkov. The Han car manufacturer Wikov was born, which became involved in the production of luxury cars. Due to the loss and disputes with Kovka, however, it functioned only until 1936. For the second world of wolves, the factory fell under the guise of the German occupiers and worked as a firm military order. She was born after the wolf.

Geniln Wikov

The Wikov emblem lived only as a nickname, which was worn from the studio by a representative of Karel’s generation, Otto Wichterle’s son. He was born on June 27, 1913. He is shown to have died. Due to his illness, his education was taken care of by a housewife, he was born in 1921. He was tested until the 5th week. At the age of 9, he became a high school student, and in his junior years he was one of the best tennis players in Prostjov. After graduating, he had a name on a machine gun, but he was allowed to study chemistry, by historian Jan Sobotka.

Due to the high wheels, Wichterle did not manage to become an associate professor for the wolves, as well as a study stay in Pai. He entered the exploratory state of Baa and was slowly approaching his first great discovery. Otto was able to make synthetic fibers, a base for nylons. In 1942, he was arrested by a tyrant who was imprisoned in connection with the Gestapo’s crackdown on resistance.

After the wolf, he worked on a high bike, later the bag had to leave. The communist regime was bothered by its bourgeois origins and its reluctance to impose political criteria on science. Asylum nael v Akademii vd. In 1956 he made another significant discovery. He made the first contact eyelets. In 1961, however, the Ministry of Health abolished the research as ineffective.

The Communists sold the license for a fraction of the price

Wichterle did not give up, he tested an apparatus later called a machine for testing the new production process. He assembled it from a Mercury kit and a dynamo from a bicycle. Thanks to the improved procedure, the work on the eyes is restored.

In 1963, the invention was patented. In two years, the Academy has signed a licensing agreement with the American company National Patent Development Corporation (NPDC), sums up the historian Sobotka. The NPDC later had to fight in court against competitors who misused Wichterle’s patents in the billion-dollar business.

The company succeeded, but the Academy of Sciences, Wt and Wichterle did not win a million dollars. The communist, without his knowledge, in 1977 American companies sold all licenses for a fraction of the actual price.

During the normalization, Otto Wichterle had to deal with an unknown regime. It was the sign of the manifesto Two Thousand Words and one of the people, on their initiative the text was written by the writer Ludvk Vaculk. Wichterle was fully rehabilitated after 1989. Until 1993, he was the president of the Academy of Sciences, a member of a number of international organizations, and the holder of international awards and other doctors. The nameplate after nm was also the asteroid of the sun system. He died in August 1998 at the age of 84.

But his nickname Wikov still lives today. You can see the name of the engineering group Wikov Industry, founded by Martin Wichterle, the grandson of a genius inventor. spn thus relied on the family tradition from the 19th century, among other things, the production of robust gearboxes and gears. The company also in glass, in 2014, for example, bought a glass in Svtl nad Szavou.

One of the sons of the Czech inventor of contact eyes and nylon, Kamil Wichterle, is a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Ostrava, where he headed the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. During his lifetime, he has applied for 25 patents in the field of his research. His brother Ivan Wichterle is thus a scientist in the field of physical chemistry. And Otto Wichterle’s wife Linda, who previously worked as a dentist, celebrated her 100th birthday this year.

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