You don’t have to go anywhere for a loan, just send an SMS

Pjky u nscomly, there is no doubt about that. It is said that the time when the only way to get a pension was to go to the bank, present a number of documents and wait to see if the conditions are met or not. Requirements for documents, but also the income of the applicant are much longer. So it’s much easier to get to the heat.

The providers are not only banks and installments of the company, but also various business companies and even individuals. Usually these are companies providing so-called fast pensions (they were the subject of a recent test, more HERE). They do not even give much proof and provide faith to those who would not, due to their current situation, elsewhere anci (maternity leave, low-income pensioners, often even a long-term negative in the credit register, etc.). They exchange this for high years, or hide it for zero years for various fees.

Drink your targets and prostednictvm SMS
Our legislation does not place much on those who want to borrow pensions. Therefore, you can meet with a loan provided not only at the classic branch, but also via the Internet, ATM and a fixed telephone line. You do not need anything but a mobile phone and a willingness to taste the fact that you send by SMS the door information about your person (except for your name and surname, birth name, permanent residence address, ID card and data).

In this way, the companies provide various companies and the conditions that are relatively easy to meet are only limited. For example, if you borrow for the first time from the company Ferratum Czech, sro, you can get a maximum of a thousand crowns. You don’t have to pay for a year, but you have to pay 25% of the debt (ie 250 crowns) for 15 days with a terrible fee. As with all long-term services, you have the option to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without notice.

Can such contributions be considered safe from the client’s point of view? According to the information provided by the provider on the Internet, the consumer association does not believe that it would be a dangerous loan for the client. The provider is aware of the risk of securing the loan and does not want to check the order with the first loan in the first loan. The business conditions are clear at least for the first time, said Ivana Pickov with the Consumer Defense Association for If someone is willing to accept such a year and the fee (it basically doesn’t matter, as we call it), then it is just another form of long-term pension insurance, Pickov added.

Do you want to avoid a meeting? Try to get you an ATM
If you want and especially need to drink your pension, there is no meeting in the bank, and an SMS is the only way to do it. Banks, installments of the company, as well as various companies providing vermin can apply for them by phone, e-mail, by filling in the online form on the company’s website or you at an ATM. Most of the time, however, it is not a problem, you can enjoy your stay and leave a contact connection. A representative of the company will contact his company and agree with him on the next steps.

Taking care of the whole affair, including the approval of the heat and the salvation of the pension for the next and then, it will take me a few weeks. Don’t talk about the fact that the length variant is often not standard (bn meeting).

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