Zail spch i pd. Today, I talk about the renaissance of entrepreneurship

He founded the company ten years ago. Offer people balloon flights, driving fast cars, adrenaline in the wind tunnel and lots of other adventures. The volume is great and the turnover is growing fast. But there were also moments in Jan Hjek’s business that he had to go through.

It’s been a long time since Jan Hjek decided to try parachuting. He completed parautist training and then skoil. When he landed in the kukuinho field, iv and health, he realized how it was. The world seemed much more beautiful to him, he honored the joy of life. And then it occurred to him that it would be great to convey such a zeal to people.

The flight passed, he didn’t remember this feeling and my thought again. At that time, he worked for an IT company that provided companies. One day I just wondered if was free and she was. I registered it, but I didn’t start a business right away. For a while I went to gather the courage of dt vpov, first Jan Hjek.

In 2008, you finally found the courage to start the company
That’s right. The start was fast. I made web pages, called a few well-known paratroopers, balloons and offered the first experiences. I had a companion who made graphics and websites, found partners, tested profits, and engaged in marketing. We didn’t have anything, not a chapter, but we didn’t need it much either, it started to work right away.

Over time, we exchanged a small office for vt, we took first one, then the other hunter, everything worked. Jena saw the economic crisis. In addition, competition has increased in the market. The company was suddenly not in full swing. We added zitky, tested where. And then I made a bad decision.

What happened?
I contacted a large company that has electrical stores throughout the country. At the time, they were looking for a partner who would sell profits in stores. They had an impulse from their mother society, that it was years. I won the tender and a year later I went bankrupt because of it.

As? Breaking into retail, retail, is the dream of many entrepreneurs.
I thought it would be a total bomb. They put us in the sales area on our boards, which were unattended. And as I absolutely took care of it, I put in all the pensions I had, a few hundred thousand crowns. I even got into debt. I hired professional graphic designers to make nice inventions, squadrons, just about anything. And the result? It didn’t work at all. I lasted a year and nothing. That project literally became a ball on its feet. So I said enough.

What was dl?
I sold the car and somehow gave it all, paid the debt, and then drank as long as I could. I was fully confident, I was thinking about how my former colleagues earn a lot of pensions and I take two thousand from the cash register before the weekend. I thought: What the hell is that where I made a mistake? My girlfriend left me for that, I was also at the bottom

So you decided to give the company to someone.
Yes, I meant you to some online media. But no one wanted it with debts. And because I always had a motivated book, I looked for answers, help.

Did they help?
They didn’t help. It told me that the fish stinked from the head, that you smel it for it. And for the company to work, I have to do something with myself. The company drove perseverance, I left one colleague for the longest time and threw myself into the sight of what I remember, what removes my fear, doubts, low self-confidence.

What have you tried?
I tried a lot, all my psychological methods and approaches, but nothing worked. And then I got acquainted with the RU method and during the first session I understood that this is it. I went to the course, then to the dal and dal. It appealed to me so much that I even did a therapeutic exercise after a year. Now the certificate and in my free time I assist in courses. I bite the teacher’s darkness and help people get rid of their problems.

Did you nael too?
I caught the second mza. In addition, I found a partner in the courses. Everything was unbelievably fast, almost like a fairy tale. I actually had two options, either I will definitely end it and start a new one, or I will start it. I chose the second option. That was about those years ago.

How did you start the company again?
I let myself make a quality website. It was great that the development company gave me a full calendar. Only those new sites doubled sales. Over the years, I have received the company from a turnover of 5 million to 27 million. Today there are seven employees. It started from fret. And it is so dark that I turned to the original misconception with which I founded the company. And the fact that all the benefits we offer, we have proven, personally tested and we can recommend with some conscience.

How many earnings do you offer today?
At this moment the dog 170. For each of them put your hand in the fire. In the past, however, we have met many times and we have a lot of choices. Every day, someone offers something for us, companies, individuals, and we sometimes know that no. For example, someone buys a Ferrari because he always wanted it, and then he realizes that he will be in the garage for the rest of the time, that it costs a lot of pensions, so he says: I take him a pensioner and retire.

After all, it will be good income, we will sell 50 earnings and he will change his mind after the first five people. And what about the other sales sold? Mme peliv vbr, control, and ns it slows down a bit.

If the company is growing fast, do you want to accept people?
I think I am able to reach a turnover of 100 million with a little sweat. We are efficient and some orders will be processed without us having to touch them. Most people are on the phone, e orders and reservations. We will not only sell the benefits, but we also provide a decisive date. Our suppliers are great people who do great things, but they are often bohemians who can’t just be found, because they are just flying in a balloon or they are in Aljac with a dog speenm. We don’t want our customers to drive them for a few days, especially if they paid a few thousand for the profit. Let’s make a reservation for n.

Who is most likely to buy in vs.
They are specially individuals, women and men, from young to middle vk.Last year we sold 15 thousand zitk.Devt out of ten is a dragon for someone. Although we are a bit less competitive, we compensate by the quality of profits and customer support.

How about a double room?

We take our marketing for a long time, let’s get the most out of our own events, such as we tossed vlats with GPS locators from the useful hot-air package and the people poured them in the form of zitky. But of course we have to keep such classic online marketing, it is a necessity. Much works so recommended.

And what about the future? Vce zitk?
We want to turn to the exchange of our own gains, which no one else has. For example, we invented a cinema just for vs. We have agreed with Lucerna, which will show the film to you or even the one you bring yourself. We want to go in this direction. I’m glad that I decided to get the company back on its feet, as such a renaissance and my comeback.

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