Zrume cash, sl votes. What would it bring, analyze the economist

The volume of non-cash payments will increase significantly. What happens when pensions will only exist virtually and actual pensions will exist. Is it mon at all? Such scales have reached the Czech Republic. What would this mean and how do the risks relate to a cashless economy? Pinme view of economist Hana Lipovsk.

In Europe, they have a common vision for having a pension in circulation, when we have a cashless economy. Such scales have reached the Czech Republic. What do you think about that?
First we need to specify what pensions are. Today we have pensions in the Czech Republic worth a total of 4,240 billion crowns. Of this, only 13% represent pensions in the truest sense of the word, ie bread or cash. The value of banknotes and coins in circulation today is 540 billion crowns.

If we are talking about cash flow, then let’s talk about pensions in this tangible form. About tiscikorunch with Palack and twenty korunch with Saint Wenceslas. Ruen cash can be disassembled in our country as well. Although we only have a more cordial relationship with the banknotes and kilns, not the Scandinavians. In the First Republic of the Czech Republic, the first hundreds and the subsequent banknotes were perfect works of art. Alfons Mucha also contributed to their creation. In addition, we remember for a very long time what it means when the state intervenes in the economy. Therefore, like you Germans, we are very skeptical about ruining cash. What a time.

How can people hear arguments to give up banknotes and coins?
Today, a small trick is used for gentle handling of the public domain. What you want to promote, you call modern, progressive, supported by young women. On the contrary, write that you oppose it with the word starm, backwardness, unruly country. Such was the interpretation of Brexit or Trump’s victory. This is argued even when trying to ruin cash. By the way, as a hunter from the village, I have such a manipulative trick extraordinarily.

Cashless payments are of course also supported by a payment intermediary such as your Master Card or Visa. The first cash, of course, is the biggest competition for a payment card.

People respond to motivation, especially financially. If you pay less when paying by card than when using cash, many orders for the card will disappear. That is why the payment intermediary announces various competitions, discount events and motivated programs, which try to learn as many customers as possible for payment by card. This procedure cannot be traced to them in the bottom case. Act completely rationally, their goal is to make a profit that is fully legitimate. On the other hand, we must always keep in mind that the great modern world of color payment cards is the marketing world.

The Czech economy is a reality in the Czech Republic, if we had virtual pensions on them, it could be tunneled and corruption would not flourish. This is a strong furnace argument. How is nzor?
ed economy is ed first because we can not determine its size. Let us not know whether melouchi, pekupnci, prostitutes or drugs dealle tvo 5%, 15% or 25% of the gross domcho product of those economies. that canceling cash would prevent corruption? Gold bars, whiskey, and porcelain practically anything you can think of could be used for corruption. Corruption cannot be reduced by canceling cash, but only by reducing the number of stamps. Corruption arises where one hunter has the power to decide over another.

The form of the salary is unpretentious. In addition, I would not fully care about the size and significance of the walls of the economy. Due to the fact that its size does not know, there is much to it.

The fighters against cash use and gave arguments. How about?Vtinou smvn. Canceled cash pr will lead to the exchange of pockets. In fact, today the biggest problem of cybercrime is associated with the misuse of payment cards. Cash is so dangerous to health, or hundreds of bacteria on it. Mon it’s also true but will we ruin the handles at two due to bacteria? We all know that pensions are also counterfeit. Last year, a total of 2,096 counterfeits, including one coin, were recorded in our country, and in all cases they were counterfeits of poor quality. The bag and credit cards are dropped. Zrume is so? m then we will finally pay? By the way, the First Republic falls today are among the collector’s rarities of immeasurable prices.

The popularity is due to the natural fear that is growing in Europe due to Islamist terrorism: cash makes life easier for terrorist tons. If the bag is filled by someone who has a large killing flow, then only a small and quite insignificant amount of cash is canceled for him. Authoritatively, by canceling cash, we will definitely not win the fight against terrorism. dn I actually heard the relevant argument against cash.

They are the longest widows on the road to a cashless economy. Vdsk coins are to disappear from circulation in addition to ten crowns this year. In the following years, they will come to a series of banknotes. Is it according to vs good economically determined?
This is not an economic decision, but a political one. Second, toklasick ukzka use salm method. The International Monetary Fund also gave institutions at a time that normal people will not want to be prepared for cash just so. The sequence of cash by the salmon method is quite a clever procedure to cancel ptitiscovky, we get used to it easily, many of us don’t even notice it. The canceled forger did not hurt anyone. On the contrary, one-off, leaps of canceled cash would provoke dissatisfaction.

But the pension is worth something. When will they be virtual, will it be dark or not?
Raba and cash printing are associated with relatively low costs. Although the Czech National Bank and the State Security Printer do not publish an accurate balance, estimates are around two and a half per banknote. The banknotes have a lifespan of about 35 years. Ron nrst the sweat of banknotes was about 30 million pieces between 2015-2016, so let’s deal with the ron of costs only for the production of one hundred million crowns. The cost of producing one payment card is estimated at 13 crowns, with more than 11.3 million cards in circulation. Production costs for the year in the cashless world are around 140150 million crowns. The costs are connected with electronic payment processing, with payment terminals and so on. Of course, in both cases, only rough estimates are possible. Songs can be a million pieces different. I want to show that arguing in the case of means of payment costs does not make sense. Such a discussion only artificially distracts from the nature of the cash flow problem.

In addition to the argument for cash cancellation, there must also be opan nzory. How are you standing on?
In any case, I am in favor of saving cash, but I am always in favor of freedom of choice. Each of us must decide whether he wants to pay by card or cash. Cashless payments alone are not a problem. The problem is trying to dictate to people what is and is not good for them. And your cash with cashless pensions will compete in free competition. What will suit people is it. It is quite possible that both forms of means of payment will coexist according to. So Pota didn’t push the pen.

Why shouldn’t banknotes and coins be an endangered species? How is the strongest argument according to vs?
A cashless economy would allow a comfortable reduction in the money system. The state could easily devalue disputes through central banks. The persisting years of rates, which are now used, for example, by the European Central Bank, are no exception to the special pension tax imposed on them. This is one of the reasons why German commercial banks have started collecting cash in five-euro banknotes. It is better to store it in safes, which can be associated with considerable costs, rather than to spend every night at one hundred years on the pichzely. Canceled cash would dismantle this tk.

Therefore, the International Monetary Fund carefully supports cash flow in its studies. Like central banks, this sees difficulty in making it easier to challenge the disputed years of rates and thus the easier implementation of so-called unconventional monetary policy. Central banks began to use unconventional monetary policy at a time when, during the last economic crisis, they had exhausted the capabilities of their traditional instruments.

There is a legendary speech in the history of the world economy by the American presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. In 1896, he fought against the then monetary system of the gold standard poetically with the words Nepitlate on the work of the crown of thorns. You are not teaching humanity to ki of gold! Today, we could boldly paraphrase his gold and replace it with a cashless economy.

Who would spend the canceled pension and who would sell it? In what economic situation is it a huge risk for sun dwellers?
They would make big debtors, we would all lose our bag. The largest debts are, of course, and the first ones can, through central banks, introduce a year-on-year rate. What does this mean for a normal hunter? If you bet on retirement at the bank, then 0.4% of your hundred thousand crowns will cost me 400% every year, 400 crowns will disappear every year. The only good first thing is that you probably don’t have to pay personal income tax on your disputed income. On the contrary, a debt that would drink a million would wipe the creditor at the end of the year by 4,000 crowns. In this case, it does not matter at all whether it is the citizens of the sun or the sun, but undermining the storey doors in the system, willing to save. The economy needs disputes, because without disputes there can be no investment. Without investment, there is neither technological progress nor economic growth.

Who should citizens go to if they want to cancel real pensions?One non-economic consequence is, in particular: the obligatory transition to an absolutely non-cash society means a complete loss of freedom. Interestingly, children are much more aware of this: when they get their pocket money in cash, parents may not have a full idea of ​​how to spend it. If they only have a pocket money, then they can easily find out from the entry what they ever bought and where.

I completely disagree with the argument that whoever did not give anything wrong, he does not have to be. By the way, this is the same argument that is used to defend my completely inadmissible wiretapping. During the day of the presence of cameras, during easy eavesdropping on our phone calls, during our easy e-mail, during the amount of information we provide more and more voluntarily when moving on the Internet, the ability to locate each individual who has a mobile phone, and With the ability to follow the path of each crown, which we get and the outbursts, the world was one big, Greek crime.

We don’t know who would get to such dates. We do not know whether the one who would have access to them would not abuse his deep knowledge of every moment of our lives against us. Society with the wise and the great Big Brother is a society prone to central cancer. Will the central brain know that you bought those packs of cigarettes this week? Then simply my payment box will be rejected.

How do you take out the banknotes and coins yourself?
If I disregard the economic and political role of bread, then coins and banknotes fascinate me as a symbol. Peily for centuries. Let us see in them the memory of the nation, let us see in them the values ​​that our ancestors upheld. Enhance our connection with one farm. Coins and banknotes are a symbol of the sovereign national state. It was always true that the queen achieved power wherever she defended the currency with his portrait. The rest is still a portrait of the British at the British level. We will cut cash and we will lose this bet of the unifying national symbol.

Cash was as important as a beautiful art work. Our banknotes have always been among the most beautiful and perfect in the world. The Czech 50 – euro coin was won with the coin of 1993, the thousand – crown coin and an excellent security feature of the 2008 banknote.

Good night and some someone will take their near board. I don’t know that anyone would just send a donated mail from here to et. Vtina drc puts cash in a suit. The others will then at least print a symbolic letter that will materialize the monetary gift. Pensions in themselves are great, they have a deep economic, artistic and moral significance. I find out that when paying by card, their beauty escapes.

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