Advice: To set up a private data box and what to look out for

More and more people are considering setting up personal data boxes so that they can communicate more comfortably with their authorities. As are the pros and cons of data boxes, this pibliuj pbhy user. One paid for the voluntary service, she helped another.

What is a data box? It is actually an e-mail box for communication with the network. However, the main difference compared to e-mail is the fact that there is a demonstrable delivery document for the data in the mailbox. Once something is sent, there is a certainty that it will be delivered and thus considered delivered. In addition, it is clear what, who and when sent, says lawyer Ondej Preuss and adds: The delivery of the first to the data of the mailbox can be notified free of charge by e-mail, even for a small fee and via SMS at first.

The difference compared to e-mail is that the data boxes are not actually sent at first, but only areas. Therefore, only the header first and the ability to piloit the document in one of the approved formats (for example, pdf and jpeg) are available.

The data box is created automatically, and therefore obligatorily sets up for companies and some other entrepreneurs, such as lawyers, tax advisors. A self-employed person and anyone else seems to her to be quite voluntary, explains lawyer Preuss.

To set up a data box?

I often moved out two times and then I arrived at the old address. As a result, it led to my execution, due to fines for driving illegally and a small arrears of insurance. I didn’t pick up the calls to pay because I didn’t know about them, says Oskar Nmec, who praises the promise. I don’t have to sweat and I can’t do anything, add.

The data box eliminates any single paper correspondence, so the hunter can communicate with the series electronically. If you have a data box, a suit with a stripe will not be delivered. Perhaps the only mistake of the series that can be fought against. Stt is then obliged to send it only electronically, says lawyer Ondej Preuss.

To access the data in the mailbox, the holder can also authorize someone else, for example in the family, to handle one’s correspondence for it. Initially sent by data box, it does not require or guarantee an electronic signature, and it is still considered proven. So, for example, if you go to Bali for half a year, you can easily submit your credit via the Internet, explains Ondej Preuss.

Dog data box entry point evaluation idie

According to him, the data box is also a key to other extensions of the public administration portals. For example, it is the CzechPOINT @ home project, which connected several state registers to the system of data boxes. You can download the entry from the penalty register or you will enter the entry of the point evaluation of the idea. You can also get to the ePortl via the social security report via the data sheet, which will give OSV an overview of income and expenses.

Although a general view of the data sheet is highly recommended, there are risks and inconveniences. It is valid that the document that was delivered to the mailbox data is delivered immediately. If no one has signed the bag in the data box, the document is considered to have been delivered after the expiry of the ten-day period. That’s what you have to think about, warns Ondej Preuss.

Mr. Jan shared the data box and then went on a trip. He let it out of his head and didn’t set up an e-mail notification. Then my secretary took over the day, I also went without worries, tell Jan. Over time, I remembered the data box and was horrified to find that in the meantime, a trial had taken place that I had lost.

Attention, mae se

He gave an inconvenience, which many entrepreneurs often do not know, is that the data is initially deleted after 90 days. You can buy a paid service from the Czech Republic.

For entrepreneurial natural persons, there may be a certain inappropriate obligation to file tax returns and other documents for the financial administration of the company through the data box, if they voluntarily shared it. For non-compliance with these obligations and, for example, a tax return in writing, a fine of two thousand crowns is automatically imposed, in exceptional cases even 50 thousand. Preuss.

Walling a data box is simple. All you have to do is submit it to Czech POINT, which you will find at selected branches of the Czech Republic and the city councils. You must have a certificate of integrity with you, and right in the city the box is married and the lost access is restored.

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