Android 11 cuts camera app access and prioritizes security

As we approach the release of Android 11, several small new tweaks have been identified by developers and users alike. The new discovery reveals that the system version will no longer allow, in all scenarios, the user to replace the installed native camera.

Google has confirmed the change in the default camera choice. This does not mean that all Android phones will come with the ‘G Cam’ app installed. But yes, the native application will be prioritized. Thus, Samsung’s or Xiaomi’s camera app will be native to the company’s cell phones in most areas of the system, for example.

According to Google, this was “the right choice to protect the privacy and security of our users”. The company’s system camera has already been the victim of loopholes. In the past, a security hole allowed the app to be used to take photos without the user’s permission.

Camera app selection on Android 11.
Camera app selection on Android 11.Source: Android Police/Reproduction

Android but transparent

As a result, camera apps downloaded from Google Play can no longer be used as a full replacement. It has been found, however, that the native app will be the default in apps like Reddit and Keep. On Instagram or Twitter, users will still be able to use other downloaded camera apps.

In the quick shortcut of pressing the power button twice, you can also choose the default camera to open.

Customizing what the default email app, camera, browser, messaging, contacts, and more will be has been a big advantage of Android over iPhone. Apple’s mobile system, for example, only started to receive the function now on iOS 14.

The change, despite reducing practicality, has the mission to bring more transparency in the use of Android. Some processes may also take a little longer. This, however, will be extra work for app developers to make them directly compatible with other camera apps available in the store.

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