Binding agent: powerful is a commission

Life insurance commissions? Ron insured and more. Bad on the type of contract and the skills of the consultant. Understanding all the details and rocks of a life bond is not easy at all. So how can a layman choose the first insurance policy?

Take me for help from a financial advisor, but he doesn’t have to be sure either. The effort to choose the best possible service for his client is sometimes overtaken by the vision of high commissions.

In the Czech Republic, it offers its services to thousands of connecting intermediaries. According to Marta Gellov from the Association of Financial Intermediaries and Financial Advisers (AFIZ), there are quality experts among them, but there is the opposite. Most of them work for so-called commissions, which means that they receive a reward from the financial condition to which they bring the client. How big is it?

According to the former financial advisor, life insurance is usually set as one and two years insurance. The amount equal to the double insurance policy can only be followed by advisers in the field, who can negotiate a lot of contracts. Vladimra Martincov from OVB, who deals with financial consulting, does not want to comment on the commission. It’s a trade secret. Do not talk about them, as well as about salaries in other fields, k. Marta Gellov does not say so much about specific relations: It is very different. The horse depends, among other things, on the specific company and the skills of the mediator.

The insurance premium for life insurance policies reaches several thousand crowns, but it can exceed one hundred thousand crowns. The reward of the mediator will move in such breaths. In the case of both the advisor and the intermediary, the client’s bag for the company is well maintained. If he fails to do so and the customer is connected in the future, he must pay a commission or a substantial deduction. Therefore, for at least the first two years, the consultant takes care of the client for a very long time.

How much do you have?

High commissions are a big draw. The potential client therefore quite rightly asks: Does the liaison agent not consider signing the contract just for rewards? However, it is practically impossible to find out otherwise by not offering the services through it, if it is suitable for him, let him build a skyscraper for you as a consultant. If a product is suitable on the financial market, then it may have reason to believe that the broker ignores his interests. In addition to my own benefit, this may be due to the inability to give the right advice.

The client can directly ask me, but I don’t have to answer the answers. The ideal situation is when the advisor tells his client which companies he works for and where he is paid from the commission. But at the same time, in case of interest, he is able to prepare an independent analysis, which he should pay for Marta Gellov. The issue of transparency in the services of financial advisers and intermediaries is a set of concepts that the association will now discuss at the Ministry of Finance. The only way to hit clients in today’s highly competitive environment is to be responsive and offer transparent services, adds Marta Gellov.

How to succeed and spend as much as possible

Trest? Mentioned and punished

If you are not satisfied with the services of a financial advisor and an intermediary, you can take a look at them. You can work with his mother company (if any) or in a professional association, for example in AFIZ or with the Czech Association of Associations. According to Marta Gellov, if he is found guilty, he is warned, fined and one hundred thousand crowns, but also expelled from the Association, including the media coverage of the entire case. That tk naich len. If anyone is looking for a counselor, we don’t have the ability to intervene. We can only help with advice, k.

In recent days, AFIZ has published a case on its website where one of them was fined only. The AFIZ Ethics Committee discussed the client’s complaint to one advisor and found him to be correct. The advisor was fined 10 thousand crowns for not informing his client insufficiently about the course of the capital value of the investment life insurance, especially about the existence of so-called potential costs in the first two years of the permanent insurance.

How to choose a fuse

1. Engage common sense and start from the classic formula of children, he gave.

2. Find out what you can appreciate from the insurance, how many risks it should cover, how much pension you want to have available at the end of it, and how much money you are able and willing to pay regularly.

3. Go around a few financial advisers with your requirements and have an independent full. If you want to be really objective, and therefore for the most suitable design, take care that you will often have to pay for this service. dov a few hundred, but spe tisc crowns. It is definitely not clear that where there are no pensions after all, it is only a commission, not to maximize your profit. As well as not being able to claim that you will receive a full financial return for your pension. There is a question about your final keg, but you should choose and compare from it.


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