Counseling: Beware of what kind of statement you leave work with

According to the statement, it is determined in unemployment benefits. Lawyer Markta Neetilov from bpv Braun Partners advises how to get more pensions from the state after employment.

According to the statement, I will receive unemployment benefits in the first months in the amount of 65% or 45% of the original debt. So what reason is it appropriate to state that I get more pensions?

Unemployment benefits are required as a percentage of the average monthly net debt, or from the recovery base. Unemployment benefits are paid in the so-called sub-period, the limits of which are 5 msc, 8 msc and 11 msc. Bad on how old he is. There is no borders in support. Kon adjusts her ceiling. In 2017 in maximln in support 15660 crowns msn.

Of course, there are popular exceptions to the general rules, which the audience wants to motivate candidates from falling asleep on their laurels and actively looking for their employees. With exceptions, he takes the applicant’s fault into the fact that he is unemployed. And so the reason for the termination of employment plays a crucial role.

How is it with the termination of employment by the employee?

If the employee terminates the employment relationship by agreement, there would be no reason for it, then the rate for the calculation of unemployment benefits for the entire length of the support period is only 45%. So you have to forget about 65%.

It is necessary for you that it is not possible to state anything as an external reason. Kon precisely defines what can be considered as an external reason. It is, for example, personal care for children up to those years of age, care for another vertical person, attendance by children and cola.

Another reason is the immediate termination of employment by the employee (for example, when the employer does not pay the salary). Even if you do not open the category of other reasons for personal reasons or reasons of great interest, it is always up to the support applicant to see if this reason will get a credible job and whether the job will be of the same opinion as the applicant and the reason for the so-called external recognition. If so, the applicant will be given a percentage of the aid.

And how to agree with the employer when he wants to fire me?

If the employer terminates the employment, he must state some of the reasons given in the end. If this reason is an organized change, the employees will also terminate the severance pay. In such a case, unemployment benefits are provided and after the number of months has elapsed corresponding to the number of severance pay provided.

Otherwise: if you are entitled to severance pay in the case of several average lengths, my support is due and from the fourth month when I will be out of work, in stock.

This is another situation if the employer terminated the employment relationship with the employee (in the last 6 months) due to the fact that he violated the first employment obligations in a particularly gross manner. Of course, this category includes the immediate termination of employment. In such a case, the job seeker is not entitled to unemployment benefits at all.

But bad at how much I dig.

Yes. I unequivocally recommend that a statement of reasons be given in the notice (if deemed by the employee) or in the termination agreements, as this affects the payment of unemployment benefits. This recommended sense makes sense when at least 45% of the same length will initially be less than the support ceiling.

If you earn, for example, 35 thousand crowns for the same, your unemployment benefit will always be at the end of the set ceiling, and it will therefore not matter whether you sign the termination agreement from your own position, from your employer or from other reasons.

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