Exclusive app for women with IUD arrives in Brazil

This week, the Women’s Health sector of pharmaceutical Bayer launched the MeuDIU application, the first on the market aimed at women who adhered to hormonal IUD. With the increasing adherence to the contraceptive method, many users still have doubts in the first weeks. With that in mind, the app aims to help women who have just had the hormonal IUD inserted and are in the adaptation phase.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to predict the user’s menstrual cycle, following the data provided by her in the first three months of use. Thus, the application draws a personalized report of how the menstrual flow will behave in the following months.

more than 70% accuracy
The MeuDIU app has more than 70% accuracy (Reproduction)

“Despite the guidelines we give in the office, we realize that patients still have many concerns when adapting to the hormonal IUD, especially in relation to menstrual flow. For this reason, we decided to offer them an additional ally, which will accompany them on a daily basis and bring even more security during this period”, explains Dr. Thais Ushikusa, medical manager of Women’s Health at Bayer Brasil.

In addition to helping the user to predict the cycle, the app offers general information about the hormonal IUD, explanatory videos, common questions about the method, and interesting facts. The tool can also help with reminders about when to return to the gynecologist for follow-up.

To install the application, you must request a personal and non-transferable code from the gynecologist. MyIUD is available on Google Play and the App Store.

The company emphasizes that the tool does not replace an assessment by the gynecologist.

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