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Find out how to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is an application available for mobile devices that allows you to exchange instant messages, full-size video calls, share images, videos or documents and even group conversations with more than 200 people! The app was launched in 2009 and in 2014 was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook.

WhatsApp has already reached more than 1 billion users, of which 120 million are in Brazil. Users say they prefer the application because of its practicality, benefits, security made through encrypted data and, above all, its popularity.

With around 1.6 billion users, a number that has been growing considerably, WhatsApp needs to constantly innovate in its updates to keep these users interested in continuing with its services.

The latest application update allows the user to delete the messages they have sent, both on their cell phone and the one from whom they received it. From then on, many disaffected Brazilian users began to look for ways to retrieve and read these messages.

Learn how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages with WA Delete for Everyone

WA Delete for Everyone is an app available on the Play Store for Android devices and offers a solution to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.


This application works from a bug found in WhatsApp, which allows recovering the deleted message from the message storage in WA Delete for Everyone itself. So, if you are not comfortable having your messages stored by a third party, it is best not to download and install this application.

1 – Download through the Play Store.

2 – A tab will open with warnings about its operation; in it select “Agree and Continue”.

3 – The next step is to allow the application to access notifications, selecting “Enable Permission” and doing the same in the mobile device settings.


4 – Once access is allowed, WA Delete for Everyone starts storing messages, up to 200 in the free version according to the definitions chosen by the user, and showing which messages were received, including those that were deleted. The application only shows deleted messages that have not yet been read by the user; after reading, the app cannot retrieve WhatsApp messages.


WA Delete for Everyone is available for devices running Android 4.4 or higher.

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